Peter Krause

Casey McCall

Birthday: August 12

Peter Krause was raised in Minneapolis, and attended Gustavus Adolphus College where he majored in English literature. He then attended NYU and completed the MFA Acting Program. As a starving actor in New York, Peter tended bar, and it was during these duties at the Palace Theater that he met a struggling young playwright named Aaron Sorkin. Peter turned up an opportunity to participate in a reading of "A Few Good Men," but came to his senses when Sorkin again asked him to audition, this time for "Sports Night."

Career highlights
Party of Five, 1997: Daniel Musser
Cybill, 1995: Kevin
The Drew Carey Show, 1995: Tom
Caroline in the City, 1995: Peter Weimerling
Ellen, 1994: Tim
Beverly Hills 90210, 1990: Jay Thurman

The Truman Show, 1998: Lawrence