Robert Guillaume

Isaac Jaffe

Robert Guillaume was born Robert Williams on November 30th, 1937 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was raised by his maternal grandmother, served in the U.S. Army, and attended St. Louis University (majoring in business administration). His vocal talent was recognized while attending Washington University in St. Louis, and he went on to study at the Aspen Music Festival and then apprenticed at The Karamu Theatre in Cleveland. His real start in musical theater was at Karamu, and he quickly moved up the ranks in New York City. Of course, his best known role was that of the title role on the TV show "Benson." He won two Emmys for that role, in 1979 and in 1985.

Robert is married to Donna, and they have a daughter by the name of Rachel. In 1992, Robert and his wife founded The Confetti Company which publishes read-along books and audio cassettes of traditional fairy tales written with a multi-ethnic approach.

Career highlights
The Robert Guillaume Show, 1989: Edward Sawyer
Benson, 1979: Benson DuBois
Soap, 1977: Benson

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, 1998: Rafiki
Merry Christmas, George Bailey, 1997: Mr Gower
The Lion King, 1994: Rafiki
Lean On Me, 1989: Dr. Frank Napier

Porgy & Bess
Guys and Dolls: Nathan Detroit (Tony nomination)
Phantom of the Opera