Summary of A Girl Named Pixley

The show is just ending. Dana tells them to put a little filler in and Dan and Casey to a good ad-lib. After the show is over, Casey tells Dan that he's going on a date with a woman named Pixley who works in the building. Casey is just doing it because Dana told him he had to date other women. Dan like Pixley's name and asks Casey if he can call her after Casey screws up this date. Casey says Dan can call her now for all he cares. Dan predicts after this one date Dana will get jealous. Casey quickly changes and gets ready to go. Meanwhile, Dana is trying to talk to Natalie about tomorrow's show and how they don't have enough stuff to fill up the show. There's just nothing going on in sports. Natalie wants to talk about the fact that Casey is going out on a date and how this dating plan is going to blow up in Dana's face. Casey comes by to tell Dana he's going on his date. Dana is not jealous. Casey tries hard to make her jealous, but she's not. Casey leaves. Dana asks Natalie about Pixley.

Isaac is walking on a treadmill in his office. Jeremy comes in to ask Isaac's advice on whether or not to prepare a speech for an award that he was nominated for.

Dana is holding a meeting to try to get more material for tomorrow's show. They only have a little over six minutes for an hour-long show. Dan comes in and says he can stretch the material. Dana laughs at the idea of that much stretching. Jeremy comes in babbling about his thank you speech for his award. Jeremy mentions a guy that on one has heard of who is dying. Dana asks who he is. Apparently he came in 7th in the Olympic archery competition in 1932. Dana asks if maybe he's dying from some rare and exotic disease. Dan admits that they guy is just dying from old age. Dana tells everyone to go get some ideas and come back in thirty minutes. As Dana and Natalie walk out and into a production room, Natalie tells Dana that she knows that Jeremy is not going to win the award. In fact, Sally is going to win the award, because Natalie overheard Sally taking a call confirming that she would be attending, which is what awards shows always do for the people who are going to win. Dana is upset about Sally winning anything. Dana asks Natalie if Natalie is going to tell Jeremy what she knows. Natalie says she's not.

Casey is out to dinner with Pixley. He tells her that he's in love with Dana and he's only out tonight with someone else because Dana is forcing him. Pixley is understandably upset and walks out on him.

Dana and the gang are hard at work trying to come up with material for tomorrow's show. Dan mentions a coxswain at Columbia who fell out of his boat, then grabbed onto the boat and made most of the rowers fall out as well. Dana thinks it's silly, but will consider anything at this point.

Isaac is sleeping on the couch in Dan and Casey's office. Jeremy comes in and asks him why he hasn't left yet. Isaac says that his wife, Esther, is at a thing where there's dancing and she likes dancing so she's staying there for awhile and will be late picking him. Jeremy starts talking about how he's not going to prepare a speech. Isaac wants to sleep and wishes Jeremy would just leave him alone, so he tells Jeremy that he lost to Sally. He tells Jeremy that Natalie told him. Jeremy is a little shocked and pretty sad. Isaac tries to put the whole thing in perspective by pointing out that it's much worse to not be able to dance with one's wife.

Dana and that gang are talking about the dying archer again. He's still dying. Dana wonders if he might be gay. Jeremy comes in and asks Natalie if he can talk to her. They walk out of the conference room together.

Jeremy is upset that Natalie knew that he lost and didn't tell him. Natalie says she wanted to give him another 24 hours of happiness before he got the bad news. He admits that she's on pretty solid ground with that argument. He tells her he's glad he can dance with her. She reminds him that he can't dance. He says he's glad he's glad he at least has the ability to dance with her, if not the skill.

Casey comes in looking for Dana and drags her outside to talk to her. He says that he was mean to Pixley because he told her why he was going out on a date with her. Dana says that he threw the date, and if this is going to work he has to do it for real. He mentions that he actually liked Pixley and wanted to be honest with her. Dana asks if he really did like her. Casey thinks Dana is starting to show signs of jealousy.

Everyone is still trying to figure out how to fill in tomorrow's show. Natalie suggests covering a game of Bridge. They consider it.

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