Summary of The Reunion

Casey and Dana are in Dana's office. Casey is trying to tell Dana not to be too hard on her little brother when she sees him. Dana reminds Casey that he brother was using steroids and was busted and her own show is covering the story and will continue to cover the story and under the circumstances she thinks she's handling it pretty well. Casey says she should be careful about being too harsh with her little brother when she sees him. She says he should be getting ready for the show and mind his own business. He says the staff is worried about her, and thinks she's a little edgy. She says the staff should also mind their own business.

As Casey is leaving Dana's office, Natalie grabs him and tells him that she's his secret santa. He says it's not so secret anymore. She says if he tells her what he wants in the next two days and it costs less that $20 and it can be bought within a two-block radius of the studio, then he's got it.

Casey joins Dan on stage. Dan says he's thinking of going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve after the show. Casey reminds Dan that he's Jewish. Dan says he thinks it would be a good show.

In the control room, as the show is starting, Natalie asks Dana if she's edgy. Dana says she's definitely not. Natalie insists that she is.

Natalie comes into Dan and Casey's office to ask Dan if he's watched her audition tape yet. He tries to play it off like he has, but then has to admit that he hasn't watched it yet. He promises he'll watch it soon. Casey comes in and Natalie tells him that if he doesn't tell her what he wants as his secret santa gift soon he'll be getting socks. Natalie leaves, and Casey tells Dan how Natalie told him that she was his secret santa and he can't figure out what to tell her to get him. Dan says he's Jeremy's secret santa. Casey says he has Isaac and has no idea what to get him. He decides to go to Isaac's office and ask him what he wants.

Casey walks into Isaac's office and says that he's his secret santa and asks Isaac what he wants. Isaac says it's not so secret anymore. Isaac says he's sure whatever Casey gets him will be fine. Casey says that Isaac has never liked any of his past presents. Isaac swears he liked them. Casey says Isaac never wears them. Isaac reminds Casey that last year he got him a blender, and he's not going to wear the blender. Casey says Isaac has never once mentioned using the blender, so he must not use it. Isaac finally admits that he doesn't blend much. Casey insists that Isaac tell him what he wants. Finally Isaac tells Casey to get him a cheese grater because he enjoys grating cheese. Casey is excited about researching cheese graters and walks out.

In the conference room, the staff is trying to figure out whom they should name Athlete of the Century. Jeremy suggests Jim Thorpe. Natalie suggests Pele. Dan nixes the idea of a soccer player. Natalie says that people who promised to do favors and haven't done them yet shouldn't criticize.

Casey and Dana leave the meeting. Casey tells Dana about his getting a cheese grater for Isaac. Then he starts harping on her about not harshing on her brother too much. She lists the many ways that he screwed up and could really have messed up his life. Casey says he's not denying that, but says the Kyle probably has everyone in his life already telling him that, and maybe what he could use is a supportive sister. Casey also tells Dana not to be so edgy. Dana insists she's not edgy and walks into the control room, slamming the door behind her. Not only does the phone on the wall pop off the hook, but the big glass window from the hall to the control room completely shatters. Dana steps in front of the now empty rectangle and calmly says to Casey that that will need to be fixed.

Natalie is back in Dan and Casey's office to talk to Dan about her audition tape. Dan says that he watched it, and it was good. Really good. Natalie is elated, and asks Dan if he'll talk to Dana about putting Natalie in the pool for substitute anchor. Dan hesitates, and then says that he will. Natalie tells Dan he's the best and leaves. Casey comes in and wants to talk about cheese graters, but Dan tells Casey about Natalie's audition tape, and how it was good, but not as good as he told Natalie it was. Dan says that he lied to Natalie to make her feel good, but he can't in good conscience now recommend her to Dana. Casey laughs at Dan's predicament.

Back in the conference room, the staff is still trying to come up with Athlete of the Century. Jeremy suggests Secretariat. Natalie reminds him that Secretariat was a horse. Jeremy says when Secretariat died and they dissected him, it turned out his heart was twice as big as the average horse heart: he had the heart of a champion. Everyone else scoffs at him. Jeremy then says maybe they're thinking too small, and instead they should be looking for an Athlete of the Millennium. Just the idea of how much history they'd have to look through is horrifying to Dana.

After the meeting, Dan pulls Jeremy aside and tells him about his problem with Natalie, and how he's already lied so now it's doubly hard to tell her the truth. As two men bring in a new picture window, Jeremy tells Dan that he has to tell Natalie the truth, and no, Jeremy won't do it for him. Dan tells Jeremy that he's his secret santa. Jeremy asks Dan what he's getting him. Dan says he was thinking of bringing Jeremy to midnight mass.

Casey comes into Isaac's office with twelve different cheese graters with really big bows on them. He tells Isaac that he got twelve top-of-the-line cheese graters, but since Casey doesn't know that much about them, he brought them so Isaac could choose which one he wanted and then Casey would give the rest away to other people who need cheese graters. Isaac tells Casey that he's no better qualified to choose a cheese grater than Casey is. Casey says he though Isaac was this big cheese guy. Isaac tells Casey he just said that to shut him up. Casey is disappointed and feels like an idiot with all his cheese graters. Isaac tells Casey to give him that one over there on top. He says he really appreciates how much effort Casey obviously put into this present. Casey says there's still time, and he's determined to get something for Isaac that Isaac will like. Isaac smiles as Casey walks out the door. He gets up with his cheese grater and looks at his shelf of awards behind his desk. He picks up one of the awards and puts it on a lower shelf, replacing it with the cheese grater with the big bow on it.

Dan pulls Natalie aside and tells her that the tape was good, but not that good. If she keeps working, maybe in a few years she could be on the air, but not yet. She accepts it as gracefully as possible, and then thwacks Dan on the head for lying to her all day. Then she thwacks him again for lying to her during the holiday season. Then she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

In the conference room, Jeremy has another idea for Athlete of the Millennium: Melan Comos. He was a fighter in 49 A.D. who won all 53 of his fights without ever throwing a punch or ever getting hit. No one can figure out how this is possible. Dana points out that 49 A.D. is not within the last millennium anyway. They decide to go with the old favorite, Muhammed Ali. Elliot comes in and tells Dana that her brother is here and is waiting for her in her office. Dana leaves the conference room. Casey turns to Natalie and tells her that she could get him a mixed tape of his favorite songs, and it might be fun for her 'cause then she could go around to everyone asking them what Casey's favorite songs are. She looks at him like he's on crack, reaches into her bag, pulls out a new pair of socks and gives them to him.

Dana walks into her office and immediately starts railing on her brother about how he's disappointed everyone and destroyed his life. Then, suddenly, she does an about-face and tells him that she will be his big sister, the one person in his life who isn't pissed at him. She suggests he come to the studio and say hi to the guys. He feels like he can't face Casey and Dan, but she says they want to see him.

Dan is still talking about midnight mass, saying he wants to see the singing and dancing and story-telling. Natalie tells him they don't dance at midnight mass. Dan says he's looking forward to the singing and the story-telling then. Dana brings Kyle in and leaves him with Casey and Dan. Casey and Dan are nice to Kyle, asking him how he's doing. Casey recommends a good lawyer that his ex-wife used in the divorce. Kyle says how great his sister is.

The show is about to start. Kyle comes into the control room as Dana is gearing up. She kisses him on the cheek. Dana says "Merry Christmas" and they start the show.

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