Summary of Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks

Written by TK

In the madness of right-before-show time, Dana brags how her brother got two sacks tonight (tackled the quarterback of the opposing team twice). Jeremy is frustrated with an intern named Corbin because he never did the play sheet for Phoenix and now Phoenix has to be pushed back in the show. Natalie tells Jeremy he has to fire Corbin. Casey swears he could call it without the play sheet, but no one else thinks he can do it. Dana asks Casey to come in early tomorrow to work the phones and investigate something about football in Ohio and drugs.

Dana is still bragging about her brother as the first meeting starts the next day. Casey has found a big scandal going on where a woman has been getting diet pills she doesn't need that are also Pednasone steroids. Rumor has it seven starters from one team are about to be suspended for the rest of the season. Casey is off to Ohio to investigate and they need to get someone to fill in for him on tonight's show. Dan suggests Tina. As Casey leaves to catch his plane, he once again insists that he could have called the play last night without the sheet.

Natalie bugs Jeremy to fire Corbin. Jeremy is having trouble getting up the guts to fire someone, plus he says this is not a normal situation. Natalie says she knows who he is, and Jeremy should still fire him.

Dan is in Abby's (his shrink) office. She feels like their sessions are just waste of time because he's always just trying to get her to like him and not taking the doctor/patient relationship seriously. She says he always tries to get people to like him, and brings the whole thing back his abandonment issues from his parents.

As everyone is getting ready to start the show, Dan pulls Kim and then Allison aside and tells them that he won't be flirting with like usual tonight. It's not that he doesn't still want them to like him, it's just that he won't be flirting. Kim expresses regret, because she enjoys the banter, Allison seems not to care.

Natalie tells Dana that Casey is on his way back from the airport, and he doesn't have the names with him but they're going to be faxed over. Dana is excited for their exclusive and says they should try to get it on the air tonight.

Natalie and Jeremy are still arguing about firing Corbin. Jeremy reminds Natalie that Corbin is J.J.'s cousin. Natalie says she knows that. Jeremy says that she should have more concern with network relations. Natalie says if Corbin is screwing up, he should be fired. Jeremy says he'll do it during the first commercial.

The show starts. During the first break Dan informs Tina that he is not going to flirt with her. She says that's a shame, because she usually enjoys it. Dan assures her that it has nothing to do with her, and that he still wants her to like him. She thinks he's being weird.

Jeremy goes to fire Corbin, but doesn't. He asks Corbin if he really wants this job and Corbin admits that he doesn't, he just needs the money. Corbin promises, though, that he'll try harder. He also sneakily tells Jeremy that he doesn't take sides, even when J.J. says stuff about the show. Jeremy starts ask, and then just walks off after being assured by Corbin again that he'll try harder.

Casey is back. He gives his honey roasted peanuts from the plane to Natalie and goes to stake out the fax machine for the names.

Jeremy pulls Natalie aside to talk to her. When she finds out that Jeremy still didn't fire Corbin, she makes fun of him and calls him a girl. Jeremy says that he's trying to show the network that this is just one little thing they don't have to fight over. Jeremy assures Natalie that Corbin promised he would work harder. Natalie says fine, but if Corbin screws up again she'll fire him herself. Jeremy says Natalie shouldn't let her emotions get tied up on work. Natalie says that's not the worst thing, and her loyalties lie with Isaac, Dana and the show. Jeremy agrees.

At another break, Tina tries to talk with Danny and he's so reticent that she thinks something's wrong with him. He says he just doesn't want to do that flirty banter that he normally does. He goes off-stage and talks to Isaac about how Tina thinks he's crazy. Isaac isn't much help.

Jeremy stalks back to Corbin and reminds the lazy intern, who is watching wrestling instead of Sports Night, that Jeremy put himself on the line for him. Corbin says he'll be sure to tell J.J. that. Jeremy says he can tell whoever he wants. Then Jeremy falls to temptation and asks Corbin what J.J. says about the show. Does he say bad things about Dana or Isaac? Corbin is vague, saying that J.J. kinda says bad things about everyone. Oh, but he said Natalie was a nice piece of tail. Jeremy asks all the other interns in the room to leave and then fires Corbin, telling Corbin that he can go tell J.J. that Jeremy was the one who fired him.

Dan is trying to apologize to Tina. He just makes a bigger mess of things and she ends up telling him he needs therapy. He admits he's in therapy. She says he needs more.

Dana tells Dan that the names are coming. The story's up on the monitor, Dan should just fill in the names.

Casey is at the fax machine receiving the names. Something he reads makes him stop for second.

Dan is still awkwardly apologizing to Tina and asks her if his flirting has something to do with his parents.

Casey brings the names to Dana and she immediately starts reading them over the microphone to Dan even though Casey tries to stop her. She reads the first three names aloud and then comes to a halt. Dan calls out to her, but she is silent, staring in shock at the fourth name. She puts the paper down, pulls off her headset and tells Casey that she's going to call her parents. Casey takes over reading for her, explaining that the fourth name was Kyle Whitaker, her brother.

Dana is on the phone with her mother. She tells her mother to turn off the TV. Meanwhile, Dan starts to break the news of the steroid abuse on the show.

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