Summary of Shane

The crew is at the bar. Dan is sitting with Abby, and they're sort of on a date, but she's also sort of analyzing him. They talk about how after his brother's death, Dan had a hard time socializing. Dan says he's awkward in most situations except on TV. Dan tries to awkwardly compliment Abby on her appearance. Dan tells Abby that he used to go sit with his friends in the cafeteria, and then after two or three minutes he had to leave. She immediately realizes that he had to leave to go throw up, and that it got better with time, but recently he's started doing it again. He is astounded at her powers of perception.

In another section of the bar, Casey is telling Jeremy how he's going to be doing an interview with Shane McArthur, the newest member of the Yankees and a friend of Casey's. Jeremy says Shane McArthur is a twit, so Casey stops talking to him. Natalie reads in the newspaper that the Vatican has said that there's no such place as hell, it's just a state of being. She's upset by the news.

Casey is doing the interview with Shane McArthur that's being taped to air later. Jeremy still insists that Shane is a twit. Jeremy is producing the segment and Natalie and Kim are sitting with him in the control room. Natalie is still upset that she spent years being scolded by nuns in Catholic school so that she wouldn't go to hell and now there's no such place as hell. Dana walks in and asks if anyone is actually listening to the interview. They all start to pay attention, and realize that Shane is just ragging on New York, saying it's an awful city and the people are awful. Jeremy tells Casey into his ear piece to throw Shane a rope, meaning that Casey should ask Shane a question that would help dig him out of the hole he's digging for himself. Dana negates Jeremy's order and says Casey shouldn't throw him a rope, because this is turning into a great interview. Casey does throw Shane a rope, asking if he isn't excited to be playing in legendary Yankee Stadium. Shane doesn't take the rope, and says that he isn't even really that psyched about the stadium.

When the interview is over, Shane is clueless about how awful it was. He thinks the interview went fairly well. Casey points out that when you're a new player for the Yankees, insulting all of New York City is not generally a good idea. Shane starts to realize he screwed up, and Casey promises him that he'll edit the tape so he doesn't come off so badly.

Casey goes to Dana's office while she's dancing around to "Walking on Sunshine" by Casey and the Sunshine Band. She watching the tape of Shane's interview, and doing her happy dance because it's such a great interview and she's got it. Casey says that he'd like to edit it. Dana stops dancing. Casey explains that when he was just starting out, Shane gave him an interview and basically gave him his first break. So he's like to return the favor. Dana says there is no way Casey is editing the interview, because this is great TV. She starts her happy dance again and Casey exits the room, defeated.

Dan is trying to tape a radio promo where he just has to say what will be featured on the show tonight. Jeremy is running the recording. Dan flawlessly records most of the complicated teaser except when he gets to the name "Yevgeny" he keeps saying "Yegevny." He tries it again, after Jeremy points out the mistake, and he makes the same mistake again. Jeremy suggests they change the wording of the teaser, but Dan is desperate to get it. Casey comes in, interrupting Dan, saying it's important that they speak. Casey tells Dan that he needs to edit this interview, but Dana won't let him. Dan says that he might be having a nervous breakdown. They realize they're not going to be able to help each other out since they've both got their own problems to deal with, so they go their separate ways.

Dan is still trying to record the teaser, and he and Jeremy are on their thirty-something take. Dan finally gets it right and he's all excited until Jeremy tells him that he wasn't recording because he didn't want to waste tape. So they try it one last time, this time with Jeremy recording, and right before "Yevgeny" Dan just gives up and walks out.

Casey goes to Isaac to ask him about editing Shane's interview. Isaac says it doesn't sound like a good idea, and then Dana walks in and busts Casey going over her head. She takes Casey out into the main office and says that while it's very touching that he wants to do this favor for Shane since Shane did one for Casey, the answer is still no. She yells out to the whole room that Casey is compromising his journalistic integrity.

Dan shows up at Abby's office, but she is working with another patient. Since the patient is a fan of Sports Night, he his happy to step outside for a moment so that Dan can talk to Abby. Abby is very upset that Dan used his celebrity to interrupt their session. Dan says he needs serious help because he can't pronounce Yevgeny. Abby says he has many psychological problems, but that isn't one of them. Dan accuses Abby of not fixing his problem so that he'll keep seeing her. Abby starts telling him more things about himself that he really doesn't want to hear. He asks her why this is all happening now. She doesn't know. He doesn't believe that she doesn't know since she seems to know everything else about him. She says there could have been a random trigger, or it could just be time for his mind to deal with all this crap that's been floating around. Either way, she can't fix it in five minutes, Dan is going to have to get some real therapy. He asks her if he can get it from her. She says yes, all he has to do is make a real appointment. He admits that he has a crush on her. She says it's okay, he'll get over it.

Natalie and Jeremy are sitting in the bar, and Natalie announces she's going to steal a spoon since nothing will happen to her if she does. She says she's then going to rob a bank. Jeremy reminds her that she doesn't go around not stealing things because it will keep her from going to hell, she doesn't steal things because she knows it's wrong.

At the bar, Casey is talking to Shane. Shane is upset because the unedited interview aired. Casey apologizes, and says that he doesn't really have that kind of control over the show. He shouldn't have promised that he would edit the tape. Shane is pissed off and threatens to hit Casey. Dana eggs him on. Casey calms Shane, and then advises him that if he's going to play for the Yankees, the least he could is pretend to be happy about it.

Dan comes into the bar and Casey immediately realizes something is wrong. Casey asks Dan if he wants to go somewhere and talk about it. Dan says he just wants to hang out, get some dinner, and just sit for awhile, and not have to worry about being funny or engaging, and have it be okay if he's quiet. Casey says that's absolutely okay.

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