Synopsis of Louise Revisited

Dan is in his and Casey's office, looking at his computer. Casey walks in and Dan asks him if he's seen the poll on their web site asking the audience who is cooler, Dan or Casey. Casey says he's seen it, but isn't paying much attention to it. Dan says Casey is winning. 159 people have voted, and 153 of them voted for Casey. Casey is amazed. Dan accuses him of staying up all night voting for himself. Casey denies it. Dan says that what's so annoying about Casey is not that he wants to win, but that he won't admit that he wants to win.

Casey walks out of the office and grabs Jeremy, taking him into a back room. He tells Jeremy how he was up voting all night, and his plan is win the poll by a complete landslide, but it's taking too long to do what he needs to do, so he needs Jeremy's help. Jeremy says he could get in a lot of trouble. Casey reminds Jeremy of when Dan glued down everything on Jeremy's desk, even the camera ignition keys. Jeremy gets a glint in his eye remembering this, and tells Casey he has a program he can put directly on the web server that will do just what he needs.

Jeremy is in an office, reading a piece of paper. Natalie walks in and scares him. She asks him why he's reading her mail. He asks her why she's writing mail to his sister.

At the meeting in the conference room, Dan is still whining about the pool, saying that Casey now has a whopping 150,000 votes. Dana walks in and says that she's moving the 8 o'clock run-down to 7:30 because she has a dinner engagement. Meanwhile, through all of this, Sam is just sitting at the table reading. As the meeting goes into full swing, Dana is staring at Sam, annoyed by the fact that he's just sitting there reading. She asks Sam if their meeting is bothering him. She tells him that it's annoying that he's sitting there reading and not listening at all. He spits back at her exactly what has happened from the moment everyone entered the room. She is frustrated.

The meeting is over. As Dana leaves, Casey follows her out and asks her about her dinner engagement. She says she's just having dinner with an old high school friend who was in her Spanish class. Casey says that he didn't know she would be dating during their six-month plan. She says she's not, she's just having dinner with an old high-school friend, and speaking of their six-month plan, has Casey had a date yet?

Dan stops by Sam's office and asks Sam if he's having fun. Sam says he doesn't need to have fun. He gets in, does his job, and gets out, and he doesn't need to make friends. Dan says that people like Sam, and that he should consider being more friendly. On his way out, Dan tells Sam that he won't bother him about it anymore... today. Sam grins after Dan leaves.

Dana comes back into the office from dinner, grabs Natalie and takes her into her office. Dana tells Natalie that she took her panties off during dinner. Natalie asks her why. Dana says she's not really sure. It probably has something to do with losing control of the show to Sam, the fact that her dinner companion was incredibly boring, or the fact that she'd heard about people doing it... like in the movies. Kim comes in and tells Dana something that makes her have to leave. Casey catches her in the doorway and tells her that he told Sam about Dana's six-month dating plan, and Sam agreed that it was ridiculous. Dana is miffed that Casey is actually talking to Sam about his personal life. Dana leaves, and Casey and Natalie are left talking sports. Natalie not-so-casually works into the conversation the fact that Dana took her panties off during dinner.

The show is on the air. Casey is screwing up. At a break, Dan is still harping on Casey about the poll, and asking him how he rigged it. Casey, meanwhile, can think about nothing but the fact that Dana took her panties off at dinner. He wants to go talk to her about it, but then decides that that would be a bad idea. Back in the control room, Jeremy tries to convince Natalie that he's totally cool with the fact that she's exchanging mail with his sister. Dana asks Jeremy to go away so she can talk to Natalie privately. Once Jeremy has left, Dana asks Natalie if Casey knows, because he's acting like he knows. Natalie first assures Dana that Casey doesn't know, and then admits that she told him. Back on stage, Dan is still talking about the poll, but Casey is totally ignoring him, trying to decide whether or not to go talk to Dana about the whole underwear thing. As Casey marches into the control room, Dan asks him if this is revenge for the crazy glue thing.

In the control room, Casey tells Dana that he has to talk to her. Dana says they don't have time. Casey says he refuses to go back on the air until he talks to her, so they go out into the hallway. He asks her why she did it. She says that he probably wouldn't understand, but does her best to explain that she was bored, and she shifted in her chair, and they just started to move, so then she decided to do it just sort of to see if she could. She also says that she's always taken everyone else's word on what was dirty, and she sort of wanted to just be able to do this. Casey surprises her and completely understands. He says that he's always in favor of Dana getting undresses, he just wishes she would do it with him... he just wishes she had been having dinner with him tonight. He says this six-month plan is really getting on his nerves.

Back in the control room, Jeremy walks overs to Natalie with a piece of paper and says that he's going to write to her dad. She's obviously a little concerned about this. Meanwhile, Dan, still out on stage, goes up to one of the cameras to ask the guys in the control room where Casey is. Natalie tells him that he's with Dana. Jeremy asks Dan how the poll's going, and Dan says he knew Jeremy was in on it somehow. Jeremy reminds Dan of the gluing trick, and as he starts his letter to Natalie's father, he says that today he is taking care of family business.

Dana and Casey don't have much time left before Casey has to be back on the air, but she insists that they go to his office. When they get there, she tells him to look in the top drawer of his desk. He opens the drawer, and pulls out Dana's black panties. She smiles and says it's something for him to look forward to. He puts them in his pocket and walks out, passing Sam. He tells Sam that it's all okay now, because he has Dana's panties in his side pocket. Casey walks off to get back on stage, and then Dana walks up to Sam and tells him that she still has control. She says she took her panties off at dinner tonight, and she bets Sam couldn't guess where there are now. Of course, Sam stops her in her tracks when he says they're in Casey's side pocket.

Dana comes back to the control room and is all smiley and giggly. The show starts up again, and Casey is working smoothly again. We catch a last glimpse of the popularity poll on the web site, and the huge number next to Casey's name is just running up faster than a speedometer.

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