Synopsis of Quo Vadimus

In Isaac's office, Isaac tells Dana that a new company put a bid in on Continental Corp. this morning. The company is called Quo Vadimus, and it's an Italian company, and that's about all he knows. She says they were really hoping for MDI Transcom to win, but now it looks like Quo Vadimus might out bid them all. He asks her not to tell anyone about Quo Vadimus. She says she won't. He says that he doesn't believe she won't. She promises she won't tell a soul.

The second she walks out of Isaac's office, she grabs Natalie and tells her about Quo Vadimus. Then, of course, she asks Natalie not to tell anyone. Natalie says she won't, but then yells across the room to Kim and Elliot to get all the research they can on a company called Quo Vadimus.

Dan can't concentrate now that he's figured out that it was Rebecca who sent the flowers. Casey says he should just call her already. Dan says he doesn't want to... but he already tried and she has a new phone number so he can't anyway.

Dana comes into the guys' office and tells them about Quo Vadimus. She asks them to keep it quiet because Isaac doesn't believe she can keep a secret.

In his office, Isaac is looking at his watch counting down. When he gets to 1, Jeremy pops in his office and asks Isaac if he heard that some Italian airline named Platypus was putting a bid in on Continental Corp. Isaac laughs and asks Jeremy to keep it under his hat.

Later in the day, Jeremy tells Dana about what he found out about Quo Vadimus. He tells her that some young guy invented some hard drive device and made millions, and then started a holding company, just buying up companies. Dana says that it sounds like a company like this would only want Continental Corp. for its coaxial cable, not for its cable station or sports shows. Jeremy is impressed at Dana's insight. Dana tells Jeremy about the stranger she met at Anthony's who gave her all this info. She asks Jeremy why he's carrying around a box of stuff. He tells her he's settling his affairs before the company is sold. He gives Dana a package of Juicy Fruit gum since he took one off her desk last year when she wasn't in her office. Dana is on her way out to lunch and asks Jeremy to ask Dan and Casey when she is going to see draft copy for tonight's show. As Jeremy walks towards Dan and Casey's office, he gives Kim a copy of the "Seven Minute Abs" video.

Jeremy asks Dan and Casey when Dana will be able to see some draft copy from them. They say when they write it. Dan mentions that the company isn't Platypus, it's Quo Vadimus. Jeremy leaves, and Dan and Casey try to sit down and concentrate and write, but they can't.

Dana is at Anthony's for lunch, but she's really just drinking a glass of wine and staring at a book. She runs into the stranger again who joins her table. She mentions that she's upset about Quo Vadimus. He asks her if she feels responsible for the show failing. She says the show didn't fail, but she still feels responsible. He says that whenever he's failed in the past, he gathers everyone around him and asks, "Where are we going?" Dana can't believe that that was actually supposed to make her feel better. She leaves. As she's walking out, the stranger mentions that MDI Transcom could still up their bid. Dana asks if he thinks they will. He says no.

Casey and Dan are walking through the stage, and Casey asks Dave if he could get a grip to move the ladder that's been up all day, 'cause he's already walked under it like ten times today and they don't need any more bad luck.

Casey and Dan walk into an editing room with sandwiches, and say okay, now they're really going to buckle down and focus. Dan starts talking about the flowers that Rebecca sent and they immediately leave the editing room, deciding that they're not going to be able to focus in there. As they walk through the stage again, Rebecca sneaks up and says hi to Dan. He turns around in shock, and at the same time gets thwacked in the back of the head when someone swings the ladder around.

Dan is sitting in a chair recovering. Rebecca asks him if he's okay. He says he'll be all right. Rebecca and Casey exchange pleasantries and then Casey takes off. Rebecca asks Dan if he got her flowers. Dan plays it off like he didn't know the flowers were from Rebecca. Rebecca says she's moving back to New York, and she's really really divorced from Steve now. Rebecca asks Dan if he wants to get a bite to eat. Dan says that he can't because he and Casey have been having a focus problem and haven't written draft copy for tonight's show yet. She says she'll wait then. She goes to the green room.

Jeremy goes into Isaac's office to return the "good" tape dispenser. There he finds Natalie staring out the window. They reminisce about his interview, and Natalie talks about how she just wanted to close the door, throw everything off the desk, and take him right there. Jeremy says she wouldn't exactly have had to force him. They kiss. Natalie closes the door.

In Dan and Casey's office, Dan is still trying to convince Casey to come to L.A. with him. Casey says he really can't take Charlie out of school, but Dan should totally go without him. Dan finally resigns himself to the fact that Casey absolutely won't leave New York, and if he makes this decision he's going to have to make it on his own. Dan runs to the green room to tell Rebecca that he can't have dinner with her tonight. Or tomorrow night. He can't get involved with her again because he might have to make a decision to go to L.A. and he doesn't want her to be part of the decision. She's sorry. She gives him the name of the place that she's staying. Rebecca leaves, and Natalie comes in and tells Dan that the company has been sold. Dan looks down at the stage and rips up the address that Rebecca gave him.

In the control room, minutes before the show starts, Dana asks for everyone's attention and announces that Continental Corp. has been sold. She doesn't know what to say. She doesn't even know what Quo Vadimus means. Jeremy tells her it means "Where are we going?" All of a sudden, Dana runs from the room, telling Natalie to run the show. Natalie starts the show.

Dana runs to Anthony's and finds the stranger there. She asks him if he's the owner of Quo Vadimus. Hey says yes, and he's going to keep the station and keep the show because it's a great show. Dana is crying and laughing all at the same time.

When the show finishes a segment and has a short break, there is dead silence in the control room. Jeremy tries to encourage some chatter, but no one has anything to say. Dana comes running back in and tells everyone that the show will go on. Dan and Casey work their happiness at staying together into their on-air copy. The control room is alive with chatter. Dan and Casey banter happily on air.

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