Summary of And the Crowd Goes Wild

Written by TK

The show is on the air. Dan makes a joke and Dana is the only who laughs at it. The show goes to commercial after Casey warns anyone watching in New York to stay away from Madison Square Garden. Dana asks Natalie and Jeremy what's up at Madison Square Garden and it turns out there's rioting. Natalie and Jeremy have slightly different information. Dana wonders why they're not working together. Casey is having trouble seeing the teleprompter. Dan pretends to give him an eye exam, Casey says he just needs new contacts. Sam comes into the control room and Dana tells him how there is a riot at MSG because of a high school basketball game. She apologizes for not getting him a cake on his last day. He says he wasn't expecting one. She retells Dan's joke and Sam doesn't laugh.

When Natalie comes in, Jeremy asks her for his stuff back. He wants to get his stuff from her apartment. She is rude to him and walks away. Dan asks Jeremy what's up and Jeremy defensively talks about a Ukranian handball player. Dan walks into his and Casey's office and finds Casey sitting there wearing dark sun glasses. Casey went to get new contacts and also had his opthamologist check for a brain tumor, so his eyes were dilated and now he's basically blind. Casey should be find by the show, but he can't see to write the show. Dan assures Casey that he's a good typist. Dana comes in and asks Casey if he's able to write the show. Casey says he'll be fine. Dana talks about how she didn't get Sam a cake for his last day because she's actually relieved to see him go. Dana walks out and asks Jeremy what's up. Jeremy defensively starts talking about the Ukranian handball player again and then admits that he and Natalie broke up. Dana goes running to Natalie. Dana can't believe Natalie didn't tell her. Natalie is not very nice about the whole thing and very defensive and assures Dana that she's not going to fall apart. Dana is miffed. Back in Dan and Casey's office, Dan is typing and torturing blind Casey. Peter Sadler comes by. Dan asks what they did wrong. Peter says nothing, but warns Dan to be careful with the pronunciation of the name "Schnitt." Dana sees Peter and asks him what they did wrong, because "Schnitt" is hard to pronounce. Peter says nothing, he's hear to see Isaac. Dana asks him what about and he says it's none of her business. Dana stops in Dan and Casey's office to ask them if they knew about Jeremy and Natalie. Dan is still torturing blind Casey by saying there are bugs around him. Dana runs off to see what Peter wants to see Isaac about.

Peter walks into Isaac's office with Dana trailing behind him. Peter and Isaac have a quick conversation about handing over the tape. Dana asks what they're talking about. It turns out they've been subpoenaed by the New York District Attorney's office to get the footage of the MSG riot they filmed last night. Dana jokes that they could refuse, but both Peter and Isaac are pretty humorless about it and don't see any reason why they should refuse to help out the police. Peter leaves and Dana asks Isaac if he knew about Jeremy and Natalie. He says he didn't. Dana says she's going to take care of this tape thing, go talk to Dan and Casey about Jeremy and Natalie, and then she'll come back and talk to Isaac. Isaac says that's okay, she doesn't have to come back. She again says they could refuse to hand over the tape citing the first amendment. Isaac sees no reason to do that.

Jeremy catches Natalie walking by and asks her if he can just keep his key to her apartment so he can let himself in and get his stuff. She says absolutely not. Natalie hears Dana is waiting for her in her office and goes to find her. Dana tells Natalie about handing over the tape. Natalie is adamant that they should challenge the subpoena and not hand over the tape. Dana doesn't see what the big deal is. Natalie argues vehemently and Dana says that if this is about Jeremy they can talk anytime, otherwise, just hand the tape over to Peter Sadler. Natalie walks out upset.

Casey and Dan are working in their office. Casey is frustrated because he's having trouble writing with Dan doing the typing. Dana comes in to explain about Jeremy and Natalie breaking up. Dan tells Dana she looks hot and laughs when Casey begs to know what she's wearing.

Dana finds Jeremy hard at work. They make a little small talk about the show and then Dana asks if this breakup is for real, or if it's just a bump in the road. Jeremy says it's for real. Dana talks about how she has gotten used to being single, and if Jeremy ever wants to talk she's happy to do so. As she talks about her own singleness she starts to get wistful.

Dana comes into Sam's office to see him packing up. He's catching a plane this evening, even before the show has finished airing. Dana says he should hang out a little longer. They talk about how he's going on vacation to Cambodia and how he doesn't stay in one place very long. Dana bids him farewell, but then grabs him and kisses him, asking him to stay tonight. She promises him a cake if he stays. He says he'll stay for one more night. She says she'll get him a strawberry cake.

Natalie comes storming into Isaac's office saying that they shouldn't hand over the tape. Isaac says she's not making any reasonable argument. She argues that it's a violation of the first amendment. Isaac says he doesn't see why they should hide behind that when they don't need to. He asks Natalie what's wrong. She insists nothing's wrong. He asks if she and Jeremy had a fight. She says they broke up. She continues to argue that they shouldn't just hand over their property, but bursts into tears as she's doing so and ends up crying on Isaac's comforting shoulder. Kim's voice over the loud-speaker announces five minutes to air.

Casey takes of his sun glasses as he and Dan are walking slowly to the studio. Casey is still very blind, and now everything's very bright. Casey walks into a glass wall and Dan laughs. In the control room, Dana notices that Natalie was crying and asks her if there's anything she needs. Natalie says she'd like to talk to Dana after the show. Dana says it's a date. She tells Natalie she's getting Sam a strawberry cake. The show starts. Sam watches Dana in the control room for a few minutes, then picks up his bags and walks out of the office.

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