Summary of Dana Get Your Gun

Written by TK

It's just before show time. As Dan and Casey are walking to the set, Dan tells Casey that he really wants to go see Tom Waits perform at a club tomorrow night, because Tom Waits never performs at clubs. Casey has tomorrow night off, and says that he doesn't really have any plans, but he doesn't want to give Dan his night off. Dan begs and begs, and finally Casey says that he met this girl named Lillian, and she said that Casey dresses like her father. So Casey says he wants Natalie to go clothes shopping with him, but Natalie refuses to go. So if Dan can get Natalie to go clothes shopping with Casey, Casey will let Dan have his night off.

In the control room, someone says something FYI, and Jeremy starts bitching about how no one uses real words anymore, just abbreviations. Dan comes bursting in telling Natalie he needs to ask her something. Natalie says no. She already knows what he's going to ask, and the answer is no. The last time she went clothes shopping with Casey she just spent an entire Saturday watcing him try on everything in Barney's, and she nearly lost her mind. She says the only way that she'll go clothes shopping with Casey is if Dan gets her on the list for Lot 61 tomorrow night (a cool new club downtown). Dan says he'll find a way. Natalie warns him not to use that one celebrity he knows, 'cause she already tried pretending to be Dan's secretary and it didn't work. Dan says he'll still find a way.

Dan grabs Kim and asks her if she still knows that bouncer at Lot 61. She says yes, but if she calls him he'll think she wants to sleep with him again. Dan apologizes and starts to back off, but Kim says that she actually wants to sleep with him again, just not in her nasty apartment. Dan promises her a suite at a nice hotel. Kim says she'll call. Dan goes onto the set, very pleased with himself for working it all out. Just before the show starts, Dana tells him that the replacement anchor they had for tomorrow night cancelled, and Dan will have to work after all. Dan doesn't do a very good job of hiding his disappointment as the show starts.

Commercial Break

The next day, Dan follows Dana into her office suggesting every other replacement anchor he can think of. Dana says she's asked them all, and there is no one available. Just as Dan is about to give up, Natalie comes in and says she got Steve Sarris. Dan is saved. Dan says Natalie is definitely on the list for Lot 61 tonight. Natalie says to make sure it's plus one, because she wants to bring someone. Dan asks who, and Natalie says that she's going to bring Jeremy. Dan laughs at the thought of Jeremy at Lot 61. Natalie says Jeremy's her boyfriend and he loves her and she's bringing him.

Dan leaves, and Natalie sits down to talk shop with Dana. Dana tells Natalie that she has a gun under her desk. It's a musket from the Revolutionary War that she inherited from her uncle, and she doesn't know what to do with it because she's a member of anti-handgun coalition. She decides perhaps she'll smelt it. She finds it disgusting. While they're talking, Sam wanders in and rudely asks who this Steve Sarris guy is. Dana says Steve will be fine and not to worry about it.

Natalie goes to tell Jeremy about going to Lot 61 tonight. She's excited, but Jeremy would rather go home and get Chinese food and watch Conan. She talks about how great Lot 61 will be, and Jeremy just talks about all the lame people trying to act cool. Finally Jeremy gives in, saying he doesn't want to have this fight with Natalie anymore. He's not happy about it, but he'll go. Natalie is slightly less than pleased with this reaction.

Dan and Casey are in their office, and Dan is getting ready to take off for the evening. Casey begs Dan to just stick around until Steve gets there, 'cause Steve makes him a little nervous. Dan says he will, and sticks around literally until Steve walks in the door. Dan greets Steve, and walks out the door. Casey starts trying to talk about the show with Steve, who seems really distracted. Steve admits to Casey that he thinks his girlfriend Felicia is breaking up with him. He thinks that while he's on the air, Felicia is going to be leaving him a Dear John note.

Commercial Break

Steve and Casey start the show, and Steve dedicates the show to Felicia. Natalie yells at Casey to yell at Steve, and Casey tells Steve that they don't normally do that around here. Steve apologizes, but says that he has to do something. Meanwhile, Dana has left the control room and goes to her office, where she runs into Sam playing with her musket. Sam is really into the musket, which only makes Dana dislike him more. Sam stands close to her to show her why the musket is so cool, and then tells Dana that he wasn't hitting on her. Dana claims that she didn't think he was. He asks her why she came back to her office, and Dana can't remember why. She leaves.

Back on the air, Steve makes another reference to Felicia. A really long one. Natalie asks someone to find Dana, storms out onto the set, and gives Steve a piece of her mind and a reminder to watch the teleprompter.

Dana wanders into Isaac's office to muse about why Sam felt the need to claim that he wasn't hitting on her. Of course, she never would have thought that he was, but since he mentioned it it's made her think about it. Isaac just really wants to get some work done, while Dana rambles on about how of course she's not attracted to him. Dana finally tells Isaac she has to get back to the show, and Isaac sighs with relief when she leaves and vows to get a lock on his door.

Steve does it again. This time he talks to Felicia on the air. Natalie instructs Casey to cut him off and give him the hook. Casey cuts him off with a cute quip to the audience about raising your hand if you'll be back for the second part of the show... not so fast, Steve. Casey has to do the rest of the show by himself.

As Dana is walking back to the control room, she peeks into hear office again and sees Sam still fondling the gun. She walks in, and Sam asks her if she remembers what she forgot. She says yes, and picks up a random object on her desk that happens to be Scotch tape. She says that the gun is digusting. Sam says the world is not that black and white, and tells her how the Revolutionary War was won by farmers with these guns. He shows her his anti-handgun coalition membership card. She begins to understand, it's not that Sam like guns, it's that he likes history, and this gun is a part of history. They share a moment, their faces very close together. He says that he's leaving in a week, and she agrees that maybe they should just leave things as they are. Dana leaves her office, and as she gets to the door she throws the Scotch tape back in to Sam who catches it with a wry smile.

Back in the control room, Jeremy is making fun of Lot 61, asking Natalie if they have time to get full body piercings before they go so they'll fit in. He wonders what all those people in Lot 61 do during the daytime. He says they probably work at Tower Records, and someone should tell all those Tower Reocrds employees that even though they sell rock, it doesn't make them rock stars. Luckily, in the middle of this, Dana comes back in. Natalie asks Dana if it's okay if she takes off for a second, and Dana says yes, so Natalie storms out of the room. Dana looks at Jeremy and tells him to go after her.

In the hallway outside the control room, Natalie and Jeremy get into a very serious fight. Natalie doesn't appreciate Jeremy making fun of their activity tonight, 'cause she's excited about it and feels like he's making fun of her. He tells her that there are certain things he doesn't find attractive about her, and this is one of them. They end up saying some really mean things to each other, and break up.

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