Review of When Something Wicked This Way Comes

Written by Caroline

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After watching the episode twice, I can honestly say I'm confused. The three main stories that I can find are (1) Casey and Dana's epiphany (2) Dan and Hillary Clinton and (3) The ratings guy.

Point (1) The outfit Dana was wearing in the teaser was too tight. It was so tight that it cut off the oxygen to her brain. She finally has the guy that she belongs with kiss her and then asks her on a romantic date and what does she do -- tells him to go out with other women! In the back of my mind this could make some sense, but come on -- this is Casey! the guy has the most incredible eyes and the greatest smile and that voice. (Water hose enters to cool me down) OK - I digress here. She gets what she wants and turns it away - I just down get it.

Point (2) Dan has a crush on Hillary Clinton. Well, at least he's a democrat -- now if he were Irish and Catholic, (Sorry inside family joke) I like seeing Danny a little off kilter. It works for him.

Point (3) Sam Donovan: ratings guy and ass. He must have had jet lag, first impression wasn't good. I can't wait to see more of him.

I think I've figured out Aaron Sorkin's plan for Casey and Dana: he teases us "D/Cers" with the kiss and then blows up the relationship for a while. Interesting.

This episode scores a field goal. A good episode -- but I see an arch coming. It wouldn't work standing on its own.

This is Caroline from "under the Goal Post" reporting.

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