Review of Special Powers

Written by Caroline

Under the Goal Post: reviews of "Sports Night"

Welcome back to the new season of "Under the Goal Post." I truly had my doubts that we'd ever get this season started.

"Special Powers"

I loved parts of this episode and was disappointed with some. Let's break the episode into three parts : (1) Dana/Casey , (2) Isaac/Dan , (3) Jeremy/Natalie.

(1) Dana/Casey: Everything I wanted and more! The kiss was great, but we saw a great deal about Casey. He said it all when he told Dan that he wasn't like him. The opening was clever. 90 days in two minutes! The white rose was a nice touch. (Side note: I asked my mom what the white rose meant. My mom said she thought it was death. (How ironic!) But I looked it up on the Flowers Direct web site: white roses are symbolic of innocence and secrecy. A classic Casey move.

Section Score: Touchdown

(2) Isaac/Dan: The "father figure" returns and Dan is happy. He's also very protective. Robert G. looked good - better than I expected actually. I hope they give this a bigger part of the season, I didn't think they did enough. Dan and Isaac's talk was the highlight of this episode.

Section Score: Field Goal - what I saw was good, I think there should have been more.

(3) Jeremy/Natalie: This part is awkward in my opinion. Natalie and Jeremy were fighting, no real surprise. I couldn't understand what was going on with this part until late and by then I really didn't care.

Section Score: Safety - I know this is a first for me, but it was just strange for the episode.

Favorite Moments:
Overall Score: Touchdown, but only after throwing up a "Hail Mary" pass in the closing seconds. Extra point wide right.

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