Quotes from A Girl Named Pixley

Dan: Honesty for Pixley!

Dana: Where are we right now?
Natalie: New York City.
Dana: Natalie...
Natalie: The city of lights.
Dana: Paris is the city of lights.
Natalie: We got a lot of lights, Dana.

Isaac: Where's Casey?
Jeremy: Ah, out with a girl named Pixley.
Isaac: Casey's out with Pixley?
Jeremy: Yes.
Isaac: Do you suppose the two of them could be any more white?
Jeremy: No, I don't imagine they could.

Jeremy: What were you talking about?
Dana: Tomorrow's show, you matzoh ball.

Dana: All right, here's what I'd like. I'd like everyone to go back to your offices or cubicles and return to me in thirty minutes with either some ideas or a carton containing the contents of your desk.

Isaac: You know what sucks?
Jeremy: Losing an award?
Isaac: I was going to say not being able to dance with your wife.
Jeremy: I was going to say that too, sir.

Dana: Any new word?
Dan: He's still alive if that's what you're asking.
Dana: Oh, man.
Natalie: Dana!
Dana: Hey, you think there's any chance he was gay?
Natalie: Dana!
Dana: It would make a better story.
Natalie: He's on his death bed.
Dana: I am about to make this man the most famous 7th place archer in the history of sports. I think the very least he can do is die in a timely manner... and be gay.

Jeremy: Natalie, you can't just always make everything better by offering me sex. Well, yes, I guess you can.

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