Quotes from Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks

Dana: That's Whitaker blood.
Natalie: Good blood.
Dana: Excellent blood. Made grown linemen cry like little girls.

Dana: Stand there. I'm gonna sack you.
Jeremy: Okay, I need just another moment of your time, then you can go back to being crazy.

Dana: My brother got two sacks tonight.
Jeremy: I saw.
Dana: Tackled the quarterback twice.
Jeremy: I know what the word "sack" means.
Dana: He did it two times.
Jeremy: And I know what the word "twice" means.
Dana: He has excellent blood.
Jeremy: Whatever.

Dana: My brother can beat up your brother.
Natalie: My brother's a grad student in comparative literature. My mother could beat up my brother.

Jeremy: You've taken to bossing me around a lot, you know that?
Natalie: Yes, you know why?
Jeremy: You're my boss?
Natalie: Bullseye, Jerome.
Jeremy: Have a nice day.
Natalie: I almost always do.

Dan: Watch me on television tonight.
Abby: Why?
Dan: You'll like me.
Abby: See ya.
Dan: That was a joke.
Abby: You know what?
Dan: What?
Abby: It wasn't.

Tina: I do like you.
Jeremy: I appreciate that. I like you too.
Tina: You okay?
Jeremy: Not even close.

Natalie: Being emotional about their work never killed anybody.
Jeremy: My point was...
Natalie: I know what your point was. I'm loyal to Isaac, I'm loyal to Dana, and I'm loyal to the show.
Jeremy: I am too.
Natalie: Good.

Tina: I hardly ever understand what you're saying.
Dan: I've gotten that before.
Tina: Try to keep it together, huh?

Isaac: What's wrong?
Dan: She thinks I'm crazy.
Isaac: You are crazy.
Dan: You're not helping.
Isaac: I wasn't trying to.
Dan: Abby thinks my flirting's unhealthy.
Isaac: Who's Abby?
Dan: My therapist. Are you paying attention?
Isaac: No.
Dan: The thing is, she may have a point.
Isaac: Who?
Dan: Abby.
Isaac: Danny.
Dan: Yeah.
Isaac: You're not flirting with me right now, right?
Dan: No.
Isaac: Good...
Dan: I'm saying that...
Isaac: ...'cause that would just be strange.
Dan: I know.
Isaac: Not that I wouldn't be flattered, but it'd still be weird.
Dan: I hear you.
Isaac: Though I'll say this, you are a handsome young man, Danny.
Dan: Will you stop it?

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