Quotes from Louise Revisited

Dan to Casey: "Here's the thing about you: it's not that you want to win so bad, it's that you won't admit that you want to win."

Sam: "If Dan mentions the internet poll one more time I'm going to cram a motherboard up his butt."

Dan: "You think I could take him?"
Casey: "No."
Dan: "Really?"
Casey: "Yeah."
Dan: "I think I could take him."
Casey: "Out to lunch, maybe."

Sam: "I've noticed you people have an ability to chatter at someone with energy and enthusiasm regardless of whether they seem interested or not."
Dan: "And that's not just on camera."

Dana: "Something interesting happened at dinner tonight."
Natalie: "What?"
Dana: "I took off my panties."
Natalie: "Really?"
Dana: "Yes."
Natalie: "You took off your panties at dinner?"
Dana: "Yes."
Natalie: "At the table?"
Dana: "Under the table."
Natalie: "Could people see?"
Dana: "Not unless they were under the table."
Natalie: "Okay."
Dana: "No, those were all good questions."
Natalie: "Here's another one..."
Dana: "Why did I take my underwear off?"
Natalie: "Yes."
Dana: "Does Casey know?"
Natalie: "No."
Dana: "Are you sure?"
Natalie: "Yeah."
Dana: "He's been acting strange during the show."
Natalie: "He doesn't know."
Dana: "He's been acting like he knows."
Natalie: "He doesn't."
Dana: "Okay."
Natalie: "Dana, Casey knows."

Casey: "Dana."
Dana: "Yes."
Casey: "You and I are about to have an abrupt conversation."

Dana: "Natalie, remind me to give you a beating in the morning."
Jeremy: "I'll do it."

Casey: "Do you think I think you taking your panties off is a bad idea?"
Dana: "Yeah, but..."
Casey: "I support the idea. I'm in favor of it, believe me."
Dana: "Thank you."
Casey: "I am the president of Dana should get undressed."
Dana: "Thank you."
Casey: "I don't think you should do it in a restaurant, but... what am I talking about? Go ahead, do it in a restaurant, I'm just saying I wish you were doing it with me."

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