Quotes from Quo Vadimus

Dan: "How can I be expected to concentrate?"

Casey: "Why don't you get it over with?"
Dan: "What do you mean?"
Casey: "Why don't you call her?"
Dan: "Call her?"
Casey: "Yeah."
Dan: "I'm not calling her"
Casey: "Okay. Let's get to work."
Dan: "There's no way I'm calling her."
Casey: "You seem pretty resolute."
Dan: "I am."
Casey: "Okay, then let's work."
Dan: "I couldn't call her if I wanted to."
Casey: "Why not?"
Dan: "She got a new phone number."
Casey: "How do you know?"
Dan: "I tried calling her."

Jeremy: "I'm settling my affairs."
Dana: "What affairs?"
Jeremy: "My affairs. Whatever we mean by that when we say it. I have affairs."
Dana: "And you're settling them?"
Jeremy: "Yes."

Casey: "All right."
Dan: "Yes."
Casey: "We're going to sit here."
Dan: "Yes."
Casey: "And we're going to do this."
Dan: "Yes. We're going to write this."
Casey: "Because that's what we do."
Dan: "We're writers."
Casey: "We're doers."
Dan: "Yes."
Casey: "Okay."

Stranger: "Do you feel responsible for the show failing?"
Dana: "The show didn't fail. The man I work for, a guy name Isaac Jaffee, he took a chance on me and I didn't rise to meet his expectations. And there are people who work for me who needed me to be a better field captain. The show didn't fail, but I do feel responsible and that's going to have to be all right with me."

Stranger: "Hey, Dana, it's not over yet."

Rebecca: "Steve and I are divorced now."

Dan: "Rebecca, you really do look good."
Rebecca: "I know."

Casey: "Danny, you gotta go out there yourself."
Dan: "Casey."
Casey: "You can do it without me, Dan."
Dan: "This is it?"
Casey: "You can do it without me. You should think about it."
Dan: "That's right."

Natalie: "Continental Corp. has been sold."

Dana: "Can I have everyone's attention please? We just have minutes before air. I know most of you have heard by now, but we've been sold to a company called Quo Vadimus. I don't know what our future is anymore. I know there's things that I'm supposed to be saying to you right now, but I don't know. I don't even know... I don't even know what the hell Quo Vadimus means. Does anybody know what Quo Vadimus means?"
Jeremy: "It means 'Where are we going?'"
Dana: "Well, that's fine but... what?"
Jeremy: "It's Latin, it means 'Where are we going'"

Stranger: "Stop talking."
Dana: "I just need your water."
Stranger: "That was a gin martini."
Dana: "Yes, I know that now. Is your name Calvin Trager?"
Stranger: "Yes."
Dana: "There was something that was big, and you invented something that made it small?"
Stranger: "Yes."
Dana: "You own Quo Vadimus."
Stranger: "Yes."
Dana: "You bought Continental Corp.?"
Stranger: "Let's say I picked up a few more shares of stock, yeah."
Dana: "Why didn't you tell me?"
Stranger: "I just wrote a check for eighteen billion dollars, Dana. My scouting says you don't keep a secret so good."
Dana: "I could change."
Stranger: "Yeah, well, we're gonna work on that."
Dana: "We're gonna work on it?"
Stranger: "Yeah."
Dana: "You're keeping the station?"
Stranger: "Yeah."
Dana: "You're keeping the show?"
Stranger: "Yeah. It's a good show, Dana. Anybody who can't make money off 'Sports Night' should get out of the money-making business."
Dana: "I don't know what to say."
Stranger: "Your show's on."
Dana: "That's right. My show is on. My show is on! My show is on! My show is ON!"

Jeremy: "Hey, let's hear some chatter in here, we're still doing a show tonight."
Elliot: "Jeremy's right. So how are you, Kim?"
Jeremy: "Okay, let's not do the chatter."

Dan: "Well, it looks like we're stuck with each other for a little while. Let's go to the American league."
Casey: "Yes we are... going to the American league."

Dana: "All right, here we go."

Casey: "...with revenge on their minds they welcome the Tigers to the house that Ruth built this evening."
Dan: "Excuse me, Casey, but Ruth didn't build the house this evening, did he?"
Casey: "No, Dan, and thank you very much for correcting my every mistake no matter how small, oh these many years."
Dan: "What are friends for?"
Casey: "To annoy the hell out of you?"
Dan: "Exactly."

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