Quotes from La Forza del Destino

Casey: "Kids, whether you're a Mets fan, a Yankee fan, a Dodger fan, or a Red Sox fan, the one thing we can all agree on is what, Danny?"
Dan: "John Rocker's a doofus."
Casey: "John Rocker's a big honkin' doofus."

Natalie: "Dana's right."
Dan: "About what?"
Natalie: "Everything."

Casey: "These guys need another sports channel like they need a hole in the head."
Dana: "Someone's gonna come along."
Casey: "Yeah? Who?"
Dana: "You've got to allow for the possibility that there's someone out there who needs a hole in the head."

Natalie: "Aren't I adorable?"
Jeremy: "Yes."

Kim: "Danny, only you could take an occassion like this and turn it into an opportunity for sex.

Dan: "You're the best secretary I've ever had."
Kim: "Thank you."
Dan: "I mean it."
Kim: "I know you do. That's why it's hard for me to tell you this."
Dan: "What?"
Kim: "I'm not your secretary."

Natalie: "If Jeremy wanted he could have me anytime anywhere. I would do things to his mind and body that I think he'd really enjoy. God knows I would."
Jeremy: "Natalie..."
Natalie: "Don't touch me."

Dana: "Who wants want?"
Dan: "Beer."
Casey: "Beer."
Jeremy: "Beer."
Natalie: "Coconut pina-colada."
Dana: "How am I supposed to remember that?"
Jeremy: "That's three beers and a pina-colada. You want a mnemonic device?"
Dana: "Eh!"
Natalie: "Get him, Dana!"
Dana: "Three beers and a coconut pina-colada."

Stranger: "I wouldn't worry about a Time Warner takeover."
Dana: "You wouldn't, huh?"
Stranger: "They'll kick out when the stock hits 27."
Dana: "How did you know my name?"
Stranger: "The bartender said it."
Dana: "No he didn't."
Stranger: "Sure he did. How else would I know it? Time Warner's going to kick out at 27 a share."

Dan: "Did you know that Kim isn't my secretary?"
Dana: "Yeah."
Dan: "I have been treating her like she was my secretary."
Dana: "Yes, I know."
Dan: "Okay, just so I get this straight, is there someone here who is my secretary, I've just never known it?"
Dana: "No."
Dan: "I have no secretary."
Dana: "Right."
Dan: "Okay."

Dan: "Do we share an office or am I just here a lot?"
Casey: "You're just here a lot."
Dan: "I have my own office?"
Casey: "Yeah."
Dan: "Where?"
Casey: "That's my confession."
Dan: "What?"
Casey: "This is your office. Mine's somewhere else."
Dan: "You're kidding."
Casey: "Nope."
Dan: "Where?"
Casey: "I don't know. I just always liked this one."

Caller: "I mean, I gotta say, I think Joe Torre should be run out of town on just that play alone."
Dan: "Right. Caller, how much experience do you have coaching at the major league level."
Caller: "Well, I never coached pro-ball or anything."
Dan: "Semi-pro?"
Caller: "No."
Dan: "College?"
Caller: "No."
Dan: "Okay, Joe Torre's been coaching baseball for about 430 years. You got a girlfriend?"
Caller: "No."
Dan: "This is why. You interested in buying Continental Corp.?"
Caller: "No."
Dan: "Okay, then we're hanging up now."

Casey: "Remember, if you're going out on a date and want to impress someone, it's a dog EAT dog world, not a doggie dog world."

Natalie: "There's still the power of fate."
Jeremy: "La forza del destino!"

Dan: "Is it possible I got flowers from Raquel Welch?"
Casey: "No."
Dan: "Okay."

Jeremy: "You still don't want to break our luck?"
Natalie: "Man, Jeremy!"
Jeremy: "What?"
Natalie: "What?"
Dana: "The power of fate."
Natalie: "The power of fate! Which is actually something I just said a minute ago, so I shouldn't have even needed prompting."
Jeremy: "Well, you guys definitely turned me around on that one."
Dana: "You guys all right over there?"
Casey: "Yeah. Yeah, now it's gettin' good."

Natalie: "Jeremy."
Jeremy: "Yeah."
Natalie: "There's something I think you should know."
Dana: "Oh, God."
Natalie: "I'm not wearing any socks right now."
Dana: "Oh, please let me out."
Natalie: "I know you have a little thing, and I thought it would be wrong for me to not tell you that I'm not wearing any socks right now."
Jeremy: "I don't believe you."
Natalie: "Jeremy, one day you'll see that my love for you isn't the product of liquor-induced mood swings and that I'm yours for the taking at your command and that the day I broke up with you is the most regrettable day of my life. "
Jeremy: "Okay, but I broke up with you."
Natalie: "I find you loathesome, and my hatred of you knows no bounds."
Jeremy: "Okay."
Natalie: "I'm not wearing any socks."
Jeremy: "Okay."
Natalie: "Can you feel my foot?"
Dana: "Oh, all right, that's it. That's it! Move move out out out!"

Stranger: "So how are you?"
Dana: "Me?"
Stranger: "Yeah."
Dana: "I've been thinking a lot about opening a restaurant."
Stranger: "Where?"
Dana: "Albuquerque."

Stranger: "MDI Transcom's going to come in as a bidder."
Dana: "How do you know that?"
Stranger: "I don't."
Dana: "You're guessing."
Stranger: "Yeah."
Dana: "But you're right."
Stranger: "Yeah."

Dana: "I'm going back to my friends."
Stranger: "To talk about the power of fate?"
Dana: "Yeah."
Stranger: "La forza del destino."

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