Quotes from Bells and a Siren

Casey: So, while the rest of you are running around like chickens with your legs cut off, I'm playin' a leadership role.
Jeremy: Heads cut off.
Casey: What?
Jeremy; We're running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
Casey: Right.
Jeremy: If our legs were cut off, we wouldn't be able to run around at all.
Casey: I'd be able to throw you around though, wouldn't I?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Casey: Good.

Isaac: The kid can't even walk yet. Why are we locking the medicine cabinet?
Dana: Does he crawl?
Isaac: Not up walls, no.

Dana to Natalie: You're short and nobody likes you very much.

Casey: Jeremy says there'll be bells and a siren and we'll know we're in trouble.

Catherine to Dan: Don't look your down your nose at me. It's really unbecoming.

Natalie: I've been here since the first show, Dana. I went into the bathroom and threw up before that show. You've got to have a lot invested in something to boot as spectacularly as I did before that first show. I really believe I'm a big part of this. I'd be crazy not to stick around and see how it turns out.

Jeremy: Wow.
Dana: What? We're for sale?
Casey: Jeremy?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Casey: That's the fire alarm, right?
Jeremy: Yeah.

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