Quotes from Draft Day - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian

Jeremy: Fire me.
Isaac: What?
Jeremy: Fire me, do it now.
Isaac: Why?
Jeremy: I'm a bad worker.
Isaac: No you're not.
Jeremy: I come late, I leave early.
Isaac: You come early and you stay late. You come in on your days off.
Jeremy: And isn't that a little weird?
Isaac: Oh yeah.
Jeremy: What if I stand right in your office and look you in the eye and call you sambo?
Isaac: Heh heh. Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy, you crack me up.
Jeremy: I didn't sell it.
Isaac: No.
Jeremy: How do the real racists do it?
Issac: It's too late for you son, you've gotta be taught by your parents.

Casey: I'm sorry.
Dan: Yeah?
Casey: I'm very sorry.
Dan: I don't think you are.
Casey: I am. In fact, I'm so sorry it's almost hard for me to think of different ways to say "bite me."

Dan: You know I came this close to being drafted as a wide receiver?
Casey: Really? What happened?
Dan: Well, I never actually played organized ball.
Casey: Ah.
Dan: And even if I had I wasn't fast enough to be a wide receiver.
Casey: But, other than that...?
Dan: This close, my friend.

Dana: Cartoon characters graced the walls of his boyhood bedroom?
Natalie: How the hell do I know, Dana? I'm speaking metaphorically.
Dana: Oh, well, you should let me know when you do that.

Casey: Sounds like you're ready to go for it.
Jeremy: I am. I absolutely am. I mean, if not now, when? If not me, then who?
Casey: Later and somebody else?

Elliott: How do you fall so that's the only part of your face that you hit?
Dana: Practice.

Jenny: She's sweet, why did you break up with her?

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