Quotes from The Local Weather

Jeremy: I think I'm in love with this girl. No... obviously love's too strong, but I met this girl...
Isaac: Is she in any way related to me?
Jeremy: No.
Isaac: Then we're fine.

Isaac: Does the porn star know you're this much of a dork?

Jenny: You can't stand in the rain without an umbrella?
Jeremy: Yes, Jenny. I learned when I was young that if I do that I'll get wet.
Jenny: And I learned when I was young if I get wet I'll dry off. I learned not to be troubled by water falling from the sky. I learned that when I was young the things that frightened me might not be so frightening after all... that possibly, the only reason I was frightened was because I was young.

Dana: Guess where I've been.
Jeremy: Church.
Dana: You see? He knew.
Jeremy: I was standing right here.

Abby: One of these days I'd like to go back to you sitting down.

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