Quotes from Celebrities

Natalie: You're going down tonight, Dartmouth.
Dan: Great, she's talking trash now.

Dana: Dan's not on it?
Natalie: No.
Dana: Well, I wouldn't tell him until after the show.
Natalie: Actually, I was gonna not tell him at all and have you do it.
Dana: Why?
Natalie: You make a lot more money than I do.
Dana: I'm paid that money to delegate.

Casey: That is why I discourage fraternization in the office.
Dan: You discourage fraternization?
Casey: I do.
Dan: Are you not counting the last year and a half with Dana?
Casey: I am, as a matter of fact, not counting that.

Casey: You sent for me?
Dana: Yes.
Casey: You enjoy doing that, don't you?
Dana: Sending for you?
Casey: Yes.
Dana: Yes.

Jenny: Do you think your career progress is being thwarted by the inability to make a parallelogram?

Natalie: Let the games begin.

Dan: You thought there was some crossover between the Archies and the Monkees?

Dan: Do you know how anal you are about your books?
Casey: Uh, I know that Natalie's got your manhood stuffed inside of a Prada bag.

Jenny: You figured out how you recognized me.
Jeremy: Yeah.
Jenny: You really shouldn't watch those kind of movies, Jeremy.

Jenny: I made a sign.

Jeremy: I am nothing like the people that you associate with.
Jenny: How do you know who I associate with?
Jeremy: I've seen them in the movies.
Jenny: Yes, those are people I work with.
Jeremy: Yes.
Jenny: And in what ways are you not like them?
Jeremy: Well... anatomically, to be sure.
Jenny: Thank God for that.
Jeremy: Right.
Jenny: Come out with us.
Jeremy: Look...
Jenny: No one is going to take their penis out and hit you in the head with it.
Jeremy: Thank God for that.

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