Quotes from And the Crowd Goes Wild

Dan: Commenting on his sub-par performance after the game, Reed said, "My head just wasn't in the game." Anyone knowing the location of Reed's head should contact the proper authorities.

Casey: You took typing?
Dan: Sure. Yeah, very important.
Casey: You wanted to get out of pre-calc or something.
Dan: Choir.

Dan: You can't see anything right now, can you?
Casey: No.
Dan: You're just typing gibberish.
Casey: Yes.
Dan: Okay.

Casey: I'm a little scared of getting trapped in a fire.
Dan: I understand.
Casey: Would you help me to safety?
Dan: If there wasn't anything else better to do?
Casey: Like what?
Dan: Save myself.

Dan: It's like tuna fish in a barrel around here.

Dana: Let's refuse.
Peter: Why?
Dana: Just to be ornery.
Isaac: The two of you can get out now.
Dana: What happens if we refuse?
Peter: Ah, you'd be cited for contempt.
Dana: What happens then?
Peter: You go to jail.
Dana: I wouldn't do well in jail.
Peter: No.

Dana: We could do it, y'know, refuse to hand over the tape and go to jail for a first amendment principle.
Isaac: Ah, Dana, don't you think if I could've figured out a way to send you to prison I would have done it already?
Dana: You're a regular cut-up, there, skipper.

Casey: I could be like a blind detective, have my own TV show.
Dana: You DO have your own TV show.

Sam: You'd like Cambodia.
Dana: I swear to God I wouldn't.

Dana: Stay tonight. I'll get a cake. Any kind of cake you want.
Casey: In case you were wondering, I'm fine.
Dana: Get in there!
Casey: Actually, I ran into a wall.
Dana: Get in there!

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