Quotes from Dana Get Your Gun

"You can have my first-born son, just take tomorrow night's show." -Dan
"So I'd have to work tomorrow and raise your child?" -Casey

"This girl named Lillian I just met said I dress like her father." -Casey
"You do dress like her father." -Dan
"You know Lillian's father?" -Casey
"I don't have to know Lillian's father." -Dan
"You're asking me for a favor and mocking me at the same time?" -Casey

"I could kiss you right now." -Dan
"Please don't." -Casey

"At some point were you planning on asking me if it's okay if you switch off nights with Casey? I'm still the executive producer of this show." -Dana
"I'm sorry. Is it okay if I switch off nights with Casey?" -Dan
"What the hell do I care?" -Dana

"I'm gonna push the Dodgers' training camp into the 30's which will let us move Dale Earnhardt up front." -Natalie
"I've got a gun under my desk." -Dana
"Or we can keep everything where it is." -Natalie
"I mean it. I've got a big honkin' gun under my desk." -Dana

"We're going to be in a room surrounded by people for whom cool means discontent." -Jeremy

"I heard about Brown Bess." -Sam
"You named my gun?" -Dana
"It already had a name." -Sam

"You ever hear the expression, 'contempt prior to investigation?'" -Sam

"I'm getting a lock on my door." -Isaac

"The world isn't really like that, Dana. It's a more interesting place than that." -Sam
"Than what?" -Dana
"Black and white." -Sam

"You've gotta learn to separate the stuff from the stuff." -Sam to Dana

"Are we done?" -Natalie
"Yes, we're back from commercial." -Jeremy
"No, Jeremy. Are we done?" -Natalie
"Yeah." -Jeremy

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