Quotes from The Sweet Smell of Air

Dan: You've taken a liking to him, haven't you?
Casey: Sam Donovan?
Dan: Yeah.
Casey: Yes, I have.
Dan: Because he drives Dana crazy?
Casey: Ah, there are many reasons why I like the man.
Dan: But mostly because?
Casey: He drives Dana crazy.

Casey: Please don't tell me it doesn't matter what I do, that I'm his father and that he'll be impressed with me no matter what.
Dan: He's ten, Casey, he's going to be mortified by you no matter what.

Natalie: You're letting him make you crazy.
Dana: I'm not letting him make me crazy, I haven't given him permission or anything. He does it all by himself.

Dan: I read Beowulf in three hours.
Casey: How'd you read Beowulf in three hours?
Dan: I didn't read it, really, but I saw the movie.
Casey: Ah, but there's no movie for Beowulf.
Dan: What the hell movie did I see?

Dana to Casey: Your head's a perfect rectangle, maybe that'll impress the kids.

Isaac: You know, just ten years ago it would have been hard to imagine a black man selling cologne.
Dana: Eight-year-olds are buying after-shave, Isaac, I'm not sure it's a huge step forward.
Isaac: I'll take any step forward.

Dana: I thought you said you didn't know the reference.
Sam: I just needed you to get your ass in here. Listen...
Dana: I'm looking for ways to kill you, you know.
Sam: Dana, I have been through alcohol, marriage and network television. If you want to kill me, you're gonna need some kryptonite.

Casey: I didn't do the bread.
Dan: What'd you do?
Casey: I did what I do, Dan, I did what I do.
Dan: You screwed up your romantic life in front of fifth graders?

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