Summary of Intellectual Property

Written by TK

Casey is flinching on air because of a fly in the studio that only he can see. Isaac brings the news that the show is still ranked third in the ratings, but is gaining in key demographic areas. Dan has an extra fifteen seconds during his next spot, and Jeremy can't find anything useful to fill it, so Dana tells Dan to speak slower.

Casey is complaining that he broke his ankle. Dana calls and Dan answers and Casey tells Dan to tell Dana that Casey isn't there. Dan tells Dana that Casey is there, and that his ankle hurts because he kicked a fire-hydrant on the way back to the office from lunch. He kicked the fire-hydrant because he heard that Dana was going skiing with Gordon for the weekend. Casey is mortified that Dan told Dana.

Dana feels like she doesn't have any good ideas anymore. Natalie tells her she's handling the Casey situation very well. Dana insists that there isn't a Casey situation, but Natalie is sure that the whole weekend-in-Vermont-with-Gordon thing is simply a ploy by Dana to make Casey jealous.

Dan is called into the Business Affairs office. He is concerned about his receipts from out-of-town travel, but it turns out that the network is being charged a huge amount of money because Dan sang "Happy Birthday" to Casey on the air, and there are people that actually hold the copyright to that song. He decides he is only going to sing songs in the public domain.

Casey brings Jeremy into his office to watch a tape of last night's broadcast and show him the fly. He can't find the fly on the tape, and is frustrated because he is starting to believe that the fly might actually be in his own head. Jeremy suggests that the fly might be psychological, and Casey insists that it has nothing to do with his non-existent feelings for Dana.

Dan asks Isaac which song in the public domain he would like sung to him on his birthday. Isaac thinks Dan is on drugs.

In the group meeting, everyone makes fun of Casey for his "jumbo fly" which he continues to insist is real.

Natalie asks Jeremy when was the last time he had a good idea. He doesn't quite understand what she's getting at. She says she thinks it's a good idea for Casey and Dana to get together. Jeremy doesn't think it's such a good idea.

During the end of that night's show, Dan asks Dana what she wants sung to her for her birthday. The show ends, and Dana is psyched to go up to Vermont with Gordon. At the last minute, Casey works up the courage to tell her that she shouldn't go. She asks him not to do this. She tells him that everytime his life starts to spin out of control he decides to go after her. He claims that it's not true. She says his feelings for her are just as imaginary as the fly, and that she doesn't have any feelings for him, so they should just stop all the nonsense now. He tries to fight her on it, but Gordon shows up to pick her up for the weekend. She kisses Gordon, Casey gracefully bows out, and as Dana is leaving the studio she is dive-bombed by an enormous fly.

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