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This transcript was given to me by Nos4a2 who says, "I was a little confused with the names of 'the help' (can't tell Dave, Will or Chris apart) and I'm not sure about some of the other spellings. Just did my best and relied heavily on closed captioning." Thanks, Nos4a2!
[Dan and Casey at makeup counter]

Casey: There's a formality.

Dan: Yes.

Makeup person: Please stop moving.

Casey: A strange formality.

Dan: Why do you worry about him?

Casey: 'Cause I'm his father. You know what he started doing? He started shaking hands with me. He's nine! You'll see when he comes by tomorrow. He'll be like 'hi dad'. [Mimes handshake] What's that about?

Dan: Leave him alone.

Kim [over P.A.]: Five minutes to air, first team in the studio please.

Casey: On the other hand, he started playing baseball well.

Dan: Yes.

Casey: Did I mention yesterday's game?

Dan: Yes. You did. In fact, I believe I know the stats.

Casey: 3 for 3, with 2 RBIs, 2 walks and a stolen base.

Dan: Yes.

Casey: Well, don't you think that's impressive?

Dan: Yes, I do, I think that's very impressive.

Casey: You bet your butt that's impressive. Dan: It is.

Casey: He started out slow, but turns out he's got some game.

Dan: He does.

Makeup person: You're done.

Casey: My boy can play ball!

Dan: I'd think about taking him out of school.

Casey: See, you joke about this.

Dan: I'm not kidding. There's nothing he can learn in the fourth grade that he can't learn in a good minor league farm system.

Casey: Three for three, two RBIs, two walks and a stolen base.

Dan: And you should be his agent, because that usually works out well, too.

Casey: I'm just saying that-

Dan: Wouldn't you think she would've come crawling back to me by now?

Casey: Rebecca?

Dan: Yes.

Casey: I would've thought so, but instead she went crawling back to her husband.

Dan: It's a world gone mad, Casey.

Natalie: 30's long.

Casey: Dan fixed it. Check your shot sheet.

Natalie: Dan fixed 30. Show me Riverfront.

Control Room: Stand by. 3 minutes to VTR, 4 minutes live.

Will: Riverfront's up.

Kim: That's not Riverfront.

Will: You're right.

Kim: That's Three Rivers

Elliot: Riverfront's in Cincinnati.

Will: I know where Riverfront is.

Dave: Three Rivers is in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania.

Will: Thanks very much.

Dana: It works! My new camera works!

Natalie: Excellent.

Dana: The Soshi/Suntac RTS III babe.

Will: Riverfront's up.

Dana: And it works.

Natalie: Thank you, show me Phoenix.

Dana: Well, I don't know if it works, but it looks incredibly good.

Natalie: What's the countback in?

Dana: 18 seconds.

Natalie: Judy that's 18 seconds for 30 cold.

Dana: I'm going to take the inaugural picture tomorrow, the maiden photograph. I'd like everyone to bring nice clothes.

Elliot: You're going to take a picture of our clothes?

Kim: I think she meant she wanted us to wear the clothes.

Dana: Exactly what I meant, spread the word.

Dave: 2 minutes to VTR, 3 minutes live.

[Kim walks out to newsdesk, hands Dan and Casey a paper]

Kim: It's an 18 second countback.

Casey: From the Red Sox?

Kim: Yeah. And Dana wants to take everyone's picture tomorrow.

Dan: Why?

Casey: She bought a new camera.

Dan: I didn't know Dana took pictures.

Casey: She doesn't. She doesn't know anything about cameras. But she felt the sudden need to own one.

Dan: Is this part of her psychotic episode?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: Well then sign me up!

Kim: 18 back at 30.

Alyson, a makeup person: You guys are all set. Have a good show.

Dan: Thank you, Alyson.

Casey: Alyson, did you know that my son Charlie went for three for three yesterday, with two RBIs, two walks, and a stolen base?

Alyson: No.

Casey: He did.

Alyson: That's great.

Casey: I wasn't there to see it, but that's a different thing and I'm not going to get morose right now.

Alyson: Okay.

Casey: I'm not going to lay all that on you.

Alyson: Okay.

Casey: I'm not going to get heavy with you.

Alyson: Okay.

Casey: Even though I can see you're feeling chatty right now.

Alyson: Yeah. Good show. [walks away just as Jeremy passes]

Casey: Jeremy.

Jeremy: 7 pitches, do you believe that?

Casey: Yes I do.

Jeremy: 3 batters, 7 pitches. [Enters control room]

Dana: What have you got?

Jeremy: Nothing. Bottom of the order went down in 7 pitches.

Dana: Maybe tomorrow.

Jeremy: Whatever happened to the ninth inning rally, huh?

Dana: Yeah! And why don't we use semicolons anymore?

Jeremy: This show needs a ninth inning rally.

Dana: I think, under the circumstances, the show's doing fine.

Jeremy: I think so too.

Natalie: Then why'd you say we need a ninth inning rally?

Jeremy: I wasn't speaking metaphorically, I meant the show could use an actual ninth inning rally.

Dana: The show hasn't even started yet.

Jeremy: I'm not talking about the show. I'm saying, wouldn't it be great if the show we're about to do included a ninth inning rally?

Natalie: And we're saying, that in order to have a ninth inning rally, the show would have to necessarily begin from a disadvantages position, which neither one of us thinks would be great.

Jeremy: I'm going to start again, because that's how completely you've both missed the point.

Dave: Roll VTR, 60 seconds live.

Will: Stand by.

Chris: Loading 1,2 and FX 2

Elliot: Steppin' out now. We're live in 60.

Dan: Elliot.

Elliot: What do you need?

Dan: Wouldn't you think Rebecca would've come crawling back by now?

Elliot: If you love something you gotta set it free, Dan.

Dan: That's good advice, dude. Thanks.

Elliot: 30 seconds.

Casey: Do me a favor, would you? When he comes by tomorrow, make a big deal out of the baseball thing.

Dan: I will.

Casey: And try not to traumatize the new nanny?

Dan: Why would I traumatize the new nanny?

Casey: I don't know, but you always do.

Dan: I like nannies.

Casey: I know.

Dan: I'm thinking about getting one for myself.

Casey: Good.

Dan: 'Course, she'd probably end up going back to her ex-husband.

Casey: You'll make a big deal?

Dan: I'll make a big deal.

Casey: He's shaking hands, Danny.

Dan: Stop it.

Elliot: In 3. 2.

Dan: Good evening, from New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. Those stories, plus we'll show you what a long, strange trip it's been for the grateful Reds at Riverfront.

Casey: And we'll show you how Geraldo Garcia can just keep on truckin' it at Three Rivers. All that coming up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.

Elliot: And we're out.

Kim: 2 minutes back.

Jeremy [walking with Natalie through the news set to the control room]: Listen to me. This isn't hard. Forget we work in a television show. We're just sports fans, and we work in a haberdashery. A ninth inning rally would be a fun thing to see.

Natalie: Ah.

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: I understand.

Jeremy: Thank you.

Natalie: The haberdashery.

Jeremy: Yes, that was all I was saying.

Natalie: I was confused.

Jeremy: Yes, I know.

Natalie: But your haberdashery parable cleared it up for me.

Dana: Picture time!

Jeremy: Speaking of confused...

Natalie: Be nice.

Dana: Kim, let's get everybody.

Kim: Dan!

Jeremy [surveying large array of camera equipment and lighting]: Dana, do you have the first idea how to operate any of this equipment?

Dana [holds up booklet]: This is called an owners manual, my friend, and I have read it cover-to-cover.

Jeremy: I've read Dr. Zhivago cover-to-cover, but it doesn't make me the czar. Dana: We have a name for people like you back home in Cedar Rapids. It's called 'sourpuss'.

Jeremy: We have a name for people like you back home in Boston, too. It's called [Natalie twists his ear] Ow! Ow! Pain, pain, pain, pain!

Dana: Dan, good! Get over here!

Dan: Dana, what the hell -

Dana: Don't you love it?

Dan: How much did you spend on this?

Dana: It's a little extravagant, but I think that a hobby is a good idea for me.

Dan: Annie Lebowitz doesn't have...

Dana: I'm treating myself.

Dan: Go to Vegas.

Dana: I don't like Vegas.

Dan: If you don't like Vegas, then you're just crazy.

Dana: That's what I'm saying.

Dan: Dave, Chris, Will, you guys are professionals. You couldn't talk her out of this?

Chris: We're just happy to be in the picture.

Dana: Great! Where's Casey?

Dan: Madison Square Garden.

Dana: What's he doing there?

Dan: Interviewing Michelle Kwan.

Dana: That was supposed to be you.

Dan: Michelle Kwan doesn't like me.

Natalie: You're wrong.

Dan: She dissed me at the ESPNys.

Natalie: She did not.

Dan: She dissed me!

Natalie: Dan, she did not -

Dan: I have her a little of this [mimes flirting] at the ESPNys, and she frosted me. Not unlike Rebecca.

Dana: We can't do the picture without Casey.

Dan: I gotta go someplace and weep.

Dana: Hang on, hang on. You know what we're gonna do? We're gonna do a practice picture.

Jeremy: Dana -

Dana: Yes, without Casey. That way I can work out any kinks and he won't be able to make any jokes.

Natalie: He wouldn't make any jokes.

Dana: Yes, he would.

Dan: Dana.

Dana: Gather up!

Dan: We better do what she says.

Dana: All right now, just so you know, what we're working with here today is the Soshi/Suntac RTSIII with a built-in databank and 70 millimeter-

Dan: Dana!

Dana: Okay everybody, hold still. Here's what's going to happen. You're gonna hear 3 beeps — BEEP BEEP BEEP, followed by a 11/2 second pause, then a flash from my Exactor 220G strobe with the 18 inch parabolic reflector. Ready?

Jeremy: Could you tell us again what the beeps are going to sound like? [Laughter from assembled Sports Night cast and crew]

Dana: Hold still! [Sets camera, runs around and places herself in the group for photo]

Dan: Um. [camera beeps and nothing happens] Don't be impatient now. A second and a half is a lot longer than you think. [Quiet laughter]

Dana [moves from group, approaches camera. Shutter clicks, group chuckles]: Well, there's a little timing problem. I can fix that.

Natalie: Also, the flash didn't go off.

Dana: That's right! [Flash goes off, startling Dana]

Dan: Well, I don't see where Casey could've gotten any material here, Dana. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Dana: I'm gonna iron out these wrinkles, and we're going to do this again later. We'll gather.

Elliot: Dana!

Dana: Yeah?

Elliot: Gordon's on your line.

Dana: Okay! Hello?

Jeremy: There are 28 teams playing tonight. What we want is for one of them to be getting absolutely humiliated in the late inning.

Natalie: Why?

Jeremy: Because we're sports fans.

Natalie: In a haberdashery.

Jeremy: Yes!

[Casey's son Charlie and Holly, the new nanny, enter the room]

Holly: Wow! This is quite a place, huh?

Charlie: Holly, do you know what time it is?

Holly: It's half-past-four. We're fine.

Charlie: 'Cause, it's just that my mother will get mad if I'm late.

Dana: Hey Charlie! I heard a rumor you were paying a visit. Hi! [Hugs Charlie]. I'm Dana Whitiker. [Shakes Holly's hand]

Holly: Hi, I'm Holly, the new nanny. Deborah had to -

Dana: I heard. Hey listen, Charlie, your dad should be here any minute. He had to go across town to interview an ice skater.

Holly: Do you mind if we wait?

Dana: No, of course not, no. I just - I have to be here because I got a phone call. Someone's meeting me here. But I'll meet you - I'll put you in the conference room.

Charlie: We shouldn't be late.

Holly: We're okay.

Dana: Jeremy, come here. Meet Charlie McCall.

Jeremy: Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Jeremy.

Charlie: Hi. [Shakes his hand]

Dana: Jeremy, could you take Holly and Charlie to the conference room? I gotta wait here.

Jeremy: Sure.

Charlie: Um, Holly?

Holly: Yes?

Charlie: I think my mom -

Holly: We're meeting her soon.

Dana: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Yeah?

Dana: I gotta wait here. I'll be right here.

Jeremy: Okay. [Gordon enters, walks past Dana, who's sitting on the anchor desk]

Dana: Gordon!

Gordan: Dana.

Dana: I'm right here.

Gordon: I'm sorry it took so long. Something's happening on Sixth Avenue. Dana: I know. Casey isn't back yet either.

Gordon: Yeah. [They kiss]

Dana: I was worried on the phone. It sounded important.

Gordon: Yeah. I wanted to come over -

Dana: You want to sit down?

Gordon: I wanted to come over because I knew we're supposed to go to that thing tonight.

Dana: We're not going?

Gordon: Listen -

Dana: I'm not saying we need to go, I just thought it would be fun because we don't get dressed up that much.

Gordon: I need you to stop talking.

Dana: Okay.

Gordon: I wanted to come over - [sighs]

Dana: What is it? Unless you're calling off the engagement, I can't even imagine what it is that has you so frazzled. [Gordon stares at her for a few seconds] Why would you call off the engagement?

Gordon: Because.

Dana: I'd prefer not to talk here.

Gordon: Should we go someplace?

Dana: Yeah. [They leave the set and begin a long walk to Isaac's office]

Elliot: Dana, how would you feel about moving the pre-fight coverage to the 4 block?

Dana: Uh, Kevin would need to give us 15 back.

Chris: We're two minutes long.

Dana: We'll get it. [Dana and Gordon enter Isaac's office] So.

Gordon: Yeah.

Dana: What were we talking about?

Gordon: Dana -

Dana: That was a joke.

Gordon: Look -

Dana: That was a joke.

Gordon: I know.

Dana: I'm just saying, I think I'm funnier than you've given me credit for being in the past.

Gordon: Here's what I've been thinking in the past few days.

Dana: I'm just saying, if you're calling off the engagement because you don't think I'm funny enough.

Gordon: Would you stop?

Dana: You're angry right now?

Gordon: Dana, I'm not going to.

Dana: You're mad at me? You spend 6 months making me feel guilty for liking me job, then propose to me, then 2 days later you tell me you slept with the woman who wants my job? I say, "fine". I say, "fine". Then six days after that, you tell me you want to break off the engagement? Here's the thing: I think only one of us should be angry at a time - and I have a hunch it's gonna be me.

Gordon: I think you're hung up on Casey.

Dana: That's what this is about?

Gordon: That's what this is about.

Dana: I am not.

Gordon: You are: you don't cover it well.

Dana: This is a cheap excuse to get out of marrying me, which you never wanted to do in the third place, and the only reason you proposed, in the second place, was out of guilt for having slept with Sally in the first place.

Gordon: You say, "fine"? I sleep with Sally, you say, "fine"? Casey sleeps with Sally, you have a level-three nervous breakdown.

Dana: You're calling off the engagement because I wasn't made enough when I found out you were sleeping around? Let's do the whole thing all over again. And this time I'll just beat the living crap out of you.

Gordon: I'm leaving.

Dana: Don't go.

Gordon: Dana -

Dana: Don't go. [Sighs, turns] Oh, what the hell, go.

Gordon: Maybe we can talk more about this later.

Dana: Yeah, let's talk about this as much as humanly possible. This is yours. [Hands Gordon the engagement ring]

Gordon: Thanks. I mean...

Dana: Gordon?

Gordon: Yeah?

Dana: I was a lot funnier than you ever gave me credit for being. [Gordon nods, leaves]

[Charlie and Holly are sitting in the conference room] Holly: How's it going over there?

Charlie [doing homework]: I've got nine of 'em.

Holly: How many are there?

Charlie: Twenty.

Holly: Oh, you're almost halfway done.

Charlie: Maybe it's okay if I leave a note for my father.

Holly: You don't need to leave a note. We're going to see him in a minute.

Dan [enters room]: Charlie!

Charlie: Hey Dan!

Dan: What is up with you not coming by to say hi?

Charlie: I was in here.

Dan: I can see that you're in here. Can you see that over there? That's my office. I make a 6 second walk from here. What do you think?

Charlie: Sorry.

Dan: Sorry don't make the buttercup shine. Who's your friend?

Holly: Hi, I'm Holly. I'm the new nanny. Deborah -

Dan: I lived through the trauma.

Holly: Yeah.

Dan: Listen, I need to talk to Charles for a second, if you feel like takin' five. Holly: Sure. [Leaves]

Dan: Three for three with two RBIs, two walks and a stolen base.

Charlie: Yeah.

Dan: What's a stolen base? [Silence] I'm gonna pop this tap in here. [Inserts VHS cassette into nearby VCR/TV system] It's the show your father and I did the night before last.

[We hear Dan's voice during a Sports Night broadcast: "Ken Griffy Jr. busting out of a slump at the King Dome by going three for three with two RBIs, two walks, and a stolen base, raising his season batting average to..." [Dan stops the tape] [Silence] Dan: What's going on?

Charlie: W-what do you mean?

Dan: I know there's nothing wrong with padding your stats over pizza after the game, but I'm a little concerned that you feel you need to lie to your dad.

Charlie: I can't play very well.

Dan: Most people can't play very well.

Charlie: I can't play at all.

Dan: Charlie, listen... [Knock at door, Casey enters]

Casey: Hey big man! Sorry I'm late.

Charlie: Hi dad. [Extends his hand to shake]

Casey: Charlie, are you selling me an insurance policy? [Kisses Charlie's head]

Dan: Casey, could I talk to you for a sec about Cleveland?

Casey: I just got here.

Dan: Just one second and he's all yours.

Casey [to Charlie]: Be right back. [Casey follows Dan out into the hall]

Dan: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Dan: How'd the interview go?

Casey: Fine. Good.

Dan: Hey listen, I think I know why Charlie's behaving a little strange.

Casey: Really?

Dan: Yeah, it's because you're a jackass.

Casey: What're you -

Dan: Casey, he can't play. You've seen him play. You know he can't play. What made you think all of a sudden -?

Casey: Wait, he lied to me?

Dan: Yeah. And you know what else? It's actually the first time in history that a son has lied to his father, so I would definitely go off the deep end.

Casey: Charlie! [Moves towards door of conference room]

Dan: Casey.

Casey: What?

Dan: He's such a good little guy. [Casey nods, enters conference room]

Charlie: Dad, I shouldn't be late for meeting mom-

Casey: Your mom can deal with it. If she can't, she can learn how. Come with me please. [They head to Casey and Dan's office]

Casey: You know I don't like lying. There's no need for it, Charlie. Did you really think I was going to be mad at you because you didn't play well at a baseball game?

Charlie: I'm sorry.

Casey: I gotta find this out from Dan? And I also think you're old enough to have something more than "I'm sorry."

Charlie: But I can't play. And I lied 'cause I didn't want to embarrass you. I'm sorry.

Casey: C'mere. That was really hard for you to say, wasn't it? You were scared during that.

Charlie: Yeah.

Casey: Well, it didn't show. You were really calm and honest. But I knew you were scared anyway, 'cause I'm your father. [Stands up] You were worried you might embarrass me. Man. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that you're my son. And you can't even blame me, 'cause grandpa started it. And I have a hunch his dad was no picnic either. So Charlie, I am nipping this in the bud right now. Pay close attention. In your lifetime, you will never embarrass me. It's not gonna happen. You play baseball if you want to play baseball. And the only thing that you have to do to make me and your mom happy is come home at the end of the day. In your lifetime, you'll never embarrass me. You know why? 'Cause I'm your father. Who'd you think I was? [Knock on door]

Holly: Casey, we gotta meet Lisa.

Casey: Then be gone with you both.

Charlie: Bye dad. [They hug]

Casey: Bye.

Charlie: Bye. [Charlie and Holly leave]

Jeremy [walking with Natalie through news set and into the control room]: We're in business.

Natalie: What business?

Jeremy: We're in the comeback business.

Natalie: You told me we sold men's accessories.

Jeremy: Try and be with me on this, would you? [Natalie and Jeremy enter control room] Listen to me, everybody. Stop your work. A writer once wrote "As if it matters how a man falls down; when the fall is all that's left, it matters very much." What did he mean by that? He meant 'do not abandon blowout'. Watching proud and accomplished athletes battle in the face of odds that are virtually hopeless is one of the more stirring sights in all of sports. The Phillies have been down 14 to 1 since the third inning. And I think it's the best game we've got. That is all. [Dana enters the control room]

Dana: Picture time, let's go.

Jeremy: Excellent.

Dana: Natalie, gather everyone up and tell them it's picture time.

Jeremy: Hey, maybe you could start by just drawing a picture. That way... [Natalie intervenes] Ow! Ow ow ow!

[Dana enters Casey's office] Dana: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Dana: Picture time.

Casey [looks at Dana's hand]: What happened to your ring?

Dana: What do you mean?

Casey: What happened to your -

Dana: My engagement ring?

Casey: Yeah.

Dana: It's being cleaned. It's at the ring cleaners.

Casey: I didn't know they had special places for that.

Dana: Yeah. Hey, Charlie looked good.

Casey: Didn't he?

Dana: Yeah -

Casey: Wait, I don't understand. You leave the ring there overnight?

Dana: Yeah.

Casey: But how does a ring cleaner carry the kind of insurance premiums to cover -

Dana: Don't worry about it. It's picture time! [Leaves office] It's picture time! I fixed the glitch, we're good to go, we're ready to roll, let's make some magic!

Dan: I've forgotten, do the three beeps come before or after the strobe blows up? Dana [setting up camera]: Hold still. Hold these positions. There we go. [Runs to join group. Camera beeps three times. Nothing happens] All right. Everybody just stay where you are. This is nothing. This is a small timing problem. [Film compartment opens, roll of film pops out and unravels] [Everyone chuckles]

Dana: Casey, if you even say one word...

Natalie: At least the strobe didn't blow up. [Strobe explodes with a loud pop, Dana squeals]

Dana: All right. That's it. That is absolutely it.

Dan [notices Dana's hand]: Hey, where's your ring?

Casey: It's at the cleaners.

Dana: No it's no at the cleaners, you idiot! There's no such thing as an overnight ring cleaners! Gordon and I broke up, which is just the most recent in a series of recent humiliations. And I'm okay with it, I can take it - but this is really the living end. I have seen enough to know that I have seen enough! Now I want something good to happen. I want something good to happen before the day is over, and I'll be the judge of what is good.

Casey: Dana! [Makes gesture]

Dana: good thing to happen before the day is over, I swear that's all I want!

Isaac: Hey lady. Are you thinking about getting my show on the air any time soon?

Dana [tearfully]: Isaac! [Runs to hug him, everyone else cheers and claps] Thank you.

Isaac: Thank you.

Natalie: When did you get out of the hospital?

Isaac: This morning.

P.A. system: First team to the studio please.

Kim [shouting]: Isaac, would you like to watch the show from your office?

Isaac: Why is she shouting at me?

Dana: Hang on, before anyone goes anywhere, I'm gonna give it one more try.

Dan: Dana -

Isaac [looking at mammoth amount of camera equipment]: What the hell is all of this?

Dana: I'm taking a picture, and you're going to be in it. I just need a minute.

Elliot: One minute to air!

Dana: I just need one minute. I know I can get this to work. [Gathers up unraveled film] Jeremy [points to the TV monitor]: Here it is! Here it is! Last batter, 14 to 1. Here comes your ninth inning rally. Chris, Will, can you get me sound on 40?

Will: 40?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Dan: You know, Isaac, Casey and I were talking before, and, well...

Isaac: What?

Dan: We think you're a bit of a cheese Danish.

Isaac: Hey.

Casey: Strawberry parfaits, Isaac.

Isaac: I had a stroke!

Casey: Out six weeks on the DL with a stroke? I've seen gored mantadors get up off the floor faster than you.

Dan: You're a bit of a crumb cake there, aren't you pal?

Isaac: Let me look at you both.

Video feed off TV monitor: Phillies hit the road tomorrow for a nine-game West-coast fling starting in San Diego.

Isaac: You look good, boys.

Dan: So do you, sir. [Hugs him]

Natalie: Dana! Three minutes.

Dana: I'm almost there.

Casey [approaches Dana and her camera equipment]: So, what's the problem? Dana: Well Casey, it's pretty complicated. This is a sophisticated instrument, and it's not any one thing, and it would be difficult to explain to someone who didn't have at least an intermediate background in photography. But by and large, it's that I put the film in backwards. [Casey chuckles] What?

Casey: Nothing. I just think you're funny.

Natalie: Dana, we've really got to move it.

Dan: Before we do this, can I call my broker real quick and tell him to buy some Eastman Kodak?

Dana [setting camera]: Get in your places! Here we go. [Camera beeps three times] Video feed from TV monitor: Leeder winds up, the 0-2 pitch to Donovan [sound of bat connecting with ball]

Jeremy: Hey! [Points to monitor, everyone looks up to catch the ninth inning rally] [Camera takes photo of everyone watching game on TV monitor above their heads] Camera zooms in on still photo of the Sports Night gang. We hear an audio montage of past Sports Night live broadcasts.

"Good evening from New York City, I'm Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. Good evening, from New York City I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell, those stories. Those stories. Those stories and more, plus we'll take you live to the locker room at Arrowhead... Tulane. Talandiga. Play of the Year. Battle Creek Invitational. We'll take you out to Pauley Pavilion. That was the voice of Desmond McCoy- . Jason Grissom. Marcus Ryan. Leon Moucer of Newton, Mass. Kim Gaily just can't stop breaking records, Ntozake Nelson's got something to say about a world record. Thank you Kelly Kirkpatrick from Green Bay. .

Casey: All that coming up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.

Dave: We're out.

[Fade to Sports Night logo]
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