Summary of Napoleon's Battle Plan

Dan and Casey are walking around in shirts, ties, boxer short, and socks. Their pants are still being pressed by wardrobe. They have to start the show without their pants. Dan is upset with Casey because he doesn't yet have a plan to deal with stopping the Dana/Gordon engagement. Casey says he's going to show up and see what happens, like Napolean did. Dana is obsessed with buying a camera she knows nothing about because she couldn't sleep the night before and stayed up reading a catalog.

Dan is upset with Casey because Casey refuses to tell Dana that Gordon slept with Sally. Casey says he's taking the high road. Jeremy tells Natalie and Dan that he is unable to give blood for the blood drive. Dan tells Natalie about Gordon's indiscretion. Natalie immediately goes to talk to Dana. In the control room, Jeremy is telling Dana about how he would like to give blood, but can't. Dana is still talking about cool cameras that she knows nothing about. Natalie pulls Dana away and tells her to call of the engagement and why. Dana doesn't believe, and Natalie won't reveal her sources, so Dana says she'll ask Gordon about it at lunch where he is going to give her her engagement ring. Dana is surprisingly calm.

Dana and Gordon are finishing up lunch. She's admiring her ring. He asks her what's bothering her. She tells him. He admits she's right, and asks if Casey told her. She asks why Casey knew. He tells her the shirt story. She's almost more upset by that than by Gordon's admission that he slept with Sally. He says he's sorry and it would never happen when they were married. She smiles and says she believes him, although she's obviously still upset.

Jeremy is telling Sally why he can't give blood, that it has nothing to do with the needle...well, maybe a little bit to do with the needle. Dana comes in and kicks Jeremy out so she can talk to Sally. In an incredible scene, Dana tells Sally that her sleeping with her fiance and her anchor is an act of aggression. Sally says it's none of her business and snaps back that she can't believe she's being accused of this. It's turning into an incredible fight of two incredibly strong women, when suddenly Dana breaks down and realizes that Sally's personal life has nothing to do with work, and that her sleeping with anybody is not an act of aggression. She cries and apologizes to Sally who doesn't know what to do. Sally says that Dana is more upset about Casey than Gordon, and tells Dana that Casey doesn't really like her (Sally) very much.

Dan tells Natalie that maybe he made a mistake by telling her about Sally. Natalie tells Dan that it's all out in the open already, and when the dust settles he's going to be punished for not sharing everything. Dan walks into his and Casey's office where Casey sits oblivious of what's been going on. Dan tells Casey what happened. Casey is furious. Dana busts in, calls Casey names, and kicks Dan out. Casey confronts her, and she storms out. She's furious, and he tells her she has no right to be. She asks why he kept it a secret, and he says because he thought she might be upset...even though she has no right to be. "Sally?" she asks. "Sally?" She goes off to buy a camera.

Dan and Casey are once again without pants, and Dan thinks it's his punishment from Natalie. In the control room, Jeremy is saying how he'll give money or time, just not his blood. Natalie tells Dana the guys don't have their pants because Dan didn't share. Jeremy is very defensive, although no one cares. The guys go on air without their pants again. Casey isn't as mad at Dan as he's was all part of his plan. They're going to see what happens. Dana looks thoughtful.

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