Summary of Ten Wickets

Casey is still upset about the bomb scare from last week. He can't believe that some guy, in the name of God, decided to try to bomb a building, and no religious figures spoke out against this act. Dan is tired of hearing about it and thinks Casey should get over it. Dana feels like she's forgetting things and losing things. Natalie reminds everyone that she's still Jeremy's girlfriend. Jeremy is still trying to say that they're broken up, and Natalie is still not acknowledging it.

Jeremy was on the phone with a guy in Trinidad about an incredible cricket match in New Delhi, but he got cut off. He's trying to explain the situation to Dana, and follows after her as she runs all over the office and the studio searching for her shoes. Then end up in the conference room. It turns out that Jeremy doesn't know anything about cricket, and neither does anyone else (they all know they drink tea), but some guy in New Delhi has just taken all ten wickets in one inning, and while Jeremy realizes that this is amazing, he's not sure why. Meanwhile, people have begun filing into the conference room for the run-down meeting. Dana sends Elliot off to get more information about the cricket match, and then starts the meeting by telling everyone that she's starting to forget and lose things. She then gets up and walks about of the room. Everyone waits there patiently for her to realize that she's forgotten about the rest of the meeting. She comes back in, acknowledges her mistake, and starts the rest of the meeting.

Jeremy is still researching this cricket game. He's trying to get a handle on it by reading about cricket compared to baseball. Apparently, what this particular amazing cricket player has done is like pitching three perfect games on three consecutive days... except that the final four batters scored sixteen runs. Casey says he's not sure he's comfortable reporting news about a sport he doesn't understand. Jeremy has, by this time, learned enough terms to talk a good game, but he still doesn't understand what he's talking about. Dan comes in and tells Casey how excited he is to see Rebecca. She is getting in tonight from out of town and will be meeting Dan after the show. Casey is not as happy for Dan as Dan thinks Casey should be. Dan concludes that Casey is getting back at him for not being sympathetic enough about the religious leaders complaint. Casey says Dan is right. Dan says that they aren't really the same thing, but strikes a deal with Casey where Dan will pretend to by sympathetic about the religious leaders thing if Casey pretends to be happy for Dan. Although Casey agrees, he's doing a bad job of pretending to be happy, and Dan asks him why. Casey tells Dan that he thinks Rebecca is going to hurt him.

Dana is in Isaac's office on the phone with Isaac. She wants to come to the hospital and visit him, but he won't let her. Natalie comes in, and wants to speak to Isaac, but Dana tells Isaac that Natalie doesn't want to speak to someone as stubborn as he is. She gets off the phone and tells Natalie that Isaac walked down the hall with a cane today. She also complains to Natalie that she doesn't understand why Isaac won't let her come visit. Natalie tells her that of course, Isaac is a very proud man, and doesn't want them all seeing him like that. Natalie asks Dana why she's forgetting things. Dana says she's doesn't know, but she's also upset that Casey is mad at her and she's also starting to think that maybe Casey has reason to be mad at her.

Jeremy and Natalie are watching a video of cricket. Natalie tries to play it off like she understands what she's watching, but Jeremy isn't buying it. Natalie tries to get off the subject by asking Jeremy what the two of them are doing later that night. Jeremy reminds her that they won't be doing anything later that night because they're not dating anymore. She tells him to get over his nervous breakdown already. Dan comes in with an antique abacus that he got for Rebecca. He tells Natalie that he's going to fight for Rebecca, and Natalie's all for it. Dan immediately starts to doubt himself though, wondering if he's crazy for getting Rebecca an abacus. Dan says he loves her, and honesty will win the day.

Dana comes into Casey's office and tells him that he has to stop making Jerry Falwell jokes on the air, that they might offend people. Casey refuses, and can't believe there's anyone out there that might be offended. Dana stands her ground, saying he can't make those jokes on her show. He stands his ground, and asks her what she's going to do to him if he does. She says if he makes another one he's suspended for a week. He storms out and she immediately regrets what she said.

Jeremy sees Rebecca come into the studio. He tells her that Dan is excited to see her. She says, actually, not to tell him she's here, and she'll see him after the show. Jeremy can tell that Rebecca has something on her mind. She starts to say something, and then Jeremy spots Dan and waves him over. Dan is ecstatic to see her, and charming as always. He runs away for a moment to get her gifts. Jeremy asks Rebecca what she was going to say, and she says that she should probably say it to Dan. Dan comes back with wine, flowers and the abacus. Rebecca starts small-talking, but gets a frozen smile on her face that Dan knows is trouble. She tells him that she's going back to Steve. In fact, Steve is waiting for her downstairs right now. Although Dan is obviously crushed, he is gracious even in defeat. She tries to thank him, and he says it was his pleasure.

As soon as the show is over that night, Dana goes running out into the studio and grabs Casey. They go back-stage to talk. She apologizes for pulling the suspension card. He apologizes for forcing her into it and questioning her judgment... she is the boss. She apologizes for bailing on the show the other night. Casey says he was just surprised. Dana tells Casey that Gordon told her that he's going to ask her to marry him. Casey asks her what she's going to say. She says she's going to say yes.

Natalie's at her desk, and Jeremy walks up. Natalie tells Jeremy that Gordon is going to ask Dana to marry him, and she thinks that Dana just told Casey. Natalie asks Jeremy if he's over his nervous breakdown yet. He says he is, and he wants to get back together. Natalie says they were never broken up. Jeremy insists that they were, but now they're back together. As soon as they're about to celebrate their bliss with a kiss, Jeremy remembers to tell Natalie that Rebecca went back to her husband. Natalie asks about Dan. Dan comes stumbling out of his office with the bottle of wine. Casey comes running in asking why Natalie didn't warn him. Natalie says she just found out herself. Dan is properly horrified at the news of Gordon's impending proposal. All four of them decide to partake from the bottle of wine, toasting the cricket guy in New Delhi and Jerry Falwell. Natalie tells Casey that with him, she didn't hear it. Hear what? Hear the bell ring. Casey realizes he's going to need a plan.

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