Summary of The Sword of Orion

The show is about to go on the air. Jeremy is on vacation and is at home with his parents dealing with their splitting up. Natalie is concerned because she hasn't heard from him. Casey speaks four languages. Dan finds out that his favorite pitcher, Orlando Rojas, is pitching tomorrow.

The next day, Dan tells Rebecca that Orlando Rojas is pitching that afternoon, and invites Rebecca to watch the game with him. He'll tape the game during the afternoon and they can watch it later that night. She refuses. She knows nothing about sports, and doesn't particularly want to (which Dan finds surprising since she was married to a sportscaster). They start to argue, she mentions she went to Wharton, he counters with Dartmouth. She retreats back to her office as he is championing his cause.

Jeremy returns, and is busy researching something about ocean charts on the phone. Natalie is ecstatic to see him, and shows him the Welcome Back cards she got him and the large box of Good and Plenties she left on his desk. She asks him why he didn't call, and he isn't able to explain. He has to get back to the phone. Natalie is disappointed.

In the staff meeting, Will sits in Isaac's chair because Isaac isn't there and Dana tells him not to. Dan tells everyone about his plan to not find out anything about the baseball game that he is taping so that he can watch it with Rebecca and experience it for the first time with her. Jeremy tells everyone about the feature he wants to do on a ten-year-old yachting accident. Although she is hesitant, with some urging from the staff Dana gives Jeremy the go-ahead for his project.

Dan goes down to the floor that Rebecca works on and keeps trying to talk Rebecca into watching the baseball game with him. She tells him she hates him and he drives her crazy. He keeps getting greetings from passing people in the hallway, and she can't believe how he's gotten to know everyone on her floor. Dan tells Rebecca that this game and Orlando Rojas are special (even though it's just an exhibition game) because this might be Orlando's chance to get himself together and not get cut from the team.

Jeremy is trying to show Casey what he's learned about the disaster of The Sword of Orion. Casey asks about Jeremy's trip home. Jeremy tells him that his parents are getting divorced, and it is what it is.

Dana learns that the graphics department is afraid of her. She thinks she's nice to them, but she's not. Natalie stresses about Jeremy's obsession with the boat race and what Jeremy is not telling her. Dana tells her not to worry.

Dan is in Rebecca's office teaching her colleagues how to throw a fast ball. Rebecca comes into her office, extremely frustrated, and kicks everyone out. She finally makes it clear to Dan that she is absolutely not going to watch the game with him.

Jeremy is still telling Casey about the god Orion. Natalie comes in and kicks Casey out so she can talk to Jeremy. Jeremy tells her what he's learned about the constellation Orion, and particularly the sword part of the constellation. He also tells her that his father has been having an affair for twenty-seven years. Jeremy is extremely distraught, and is obviously projecting his feelings about his father onto the failed boat that he is researching.

Dan successfully makes it through the broadcast without learning anything about the baseball game that he taped (when Casey speaks of the baseball game on-air, Dan covers his ears until Casey bangs on the desk to signal him that it's Dan's turn to talk). He heads back to his office with the tape, and Rebecca is there waiting for him. She tells him that her ex-husband didn't want her in his world of sports, and that's why she is so reluctant to get involved now. She tells Dan that she appreciates what he's been doing all day. He tells her that he'll keep doing it. She tells him that she got a hotel room and there's a bottle of champagne chilling there and she'd like to take Dan there... with the tape. As they walk out of the office, he puts his arm around her shoulders and she smiles.

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