Summary of How Are Things in Glocca Morra?

There is a tennis match between underdog Fedrigatti and the great Pete Sampras. Although everyone expects Sampras to crush Fedrigatti, somehow Fedrigatti is hanging in, and the tennis match runs late on CSC causing "Sports Night" to be pushed back.

Jeremy decides to write another letter to his sister Louise, amusing her with anecdotes from behind-the-scenes. Dana is worried because she is supposed to go out with Gordon and his friends tonight. She calls Gordon to tell him she'll be running a little late, but to come by and pick her up when he's out of work. Dan is trying to figure out what is bothering Casey, but Casey won't talk about it. Rebecca is waiting in Dan and Casey's office, and took a phone message from Elaine, the woman that Dan is supposed to no longer be dating. Rebecca's a little upset by the fact that Elaine is still calling. Dan says that he will call Elaine right away and tell her that he is seeing someone else. Rebecca tries to take him at his word and hands him the phone. Dan begs off, saying he is in pre-show mode and can't do it right now. Dana organizes a game of garbage-can basketball, at which she is very good.

The tennis match goes even later. It is nearing 1am. Dana is really worried, because she knows her plans with Gordon are ruined, and he's already on his way over to pick her up. Natalie reminds her that when the show starts this late, it is possible to pass it off to the 2am executive producer. Dana says that's only for emergencies. Natalie suggests that this might count as an emergency, since Gordon has been getting on Dana for being too married to her work, and this might be the final straw. Dana says that the show is what is important to her. Then she sees Gordon and tries to swallow her words. Gordon is upset when he realizes the show hasn't even started yet. Sally, the 2am producer, arrives to find out if she's going to get "Sports Night." Dana introduces Sally and Gordon.

Casey sees Sally and Gordon shaking hands, and shuts the door to his and Dan's office. He tells Dan about the fact that he busted Gordon wearing his shirt... the shirt Casey left at Sally's after sleeping with her. Dan figures out that this means that Gordon slept with Sally too, and that Casey hasn't told Dana yet because that would he would also have to tell Dana that he himself slept with Sally, and he can't admit that to her. Jeremy pops his head in to say that Dana is considering dumping the show and giving it to Sally. Casey says he's sure Dana would never do that. Jeremy reminds Casey that Gordon is here. Casey says he's known Dana fifteen years, and no matter what she wouldn't do that.

Dan finds Rebecca wandering around the set of "Sports Night" wanting to see the live broadcast. He explains to her that they're still being pushed back for the tennis match that won't die. He also tells her that he left a message for Elaine on her answering machine and has every intention of telling her that he is now seeing Rebecca. With Gordon's infidelity on his mind, Dan tries to reassure Rebecca that he will not make a fool out of her. Jeremy comes by to tell Dan that there is a meeting in the conference room.

Gordon is pressuring Dana to dump the show and come out with him. He more or less tells her that this is the final straw, and if she doesn't come with him their relationship is over. She dumps the show. Casey is shocked, and personally hurt.

Sampras finally beats Fedrigatti. Sally runs the show smoothly. Dana leaves with Gordon. Rebecca flits around excited about Dan and the live broadcast. Jeremy tells his sister not to drop out of school.

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