Summary of Sally

Written by TK

There is no sports news today, so everyone is talking about personal problems instead of news. It drives Isaac nuts, because people keep coming into his office like he's the town shrink and spilling out their problems when he's really not interested.

Dan realizes Casey had sex when he notices that Casey is missing his favorite shirt. Casey is stressing because it's the first time he's had sex since his divorce from Lisa. Dan presses Casey to find out who it was, but Casey won't admit. He simply tells Dan that the reason he is missing his shirt is because wine was spilled on it, and it went into the laundry, and when he slunk out of the woman's apartment at 6am he just put his coat on over his T-shirt and didn't bother trying to find his shirt. He does miss his favorite shirt though.

Jeremy is stressing because he, a Jewish man, is about to spend Easter weekend with Natalie and her very not Jewish parents. He makes egg-nog, and tries to drink it in a desperate effort to fit in (even though egg-not is more of a Christmas drink than an Easter drink). He hates egg-nog, and after mixing up an entire batch at work he can't bring himself to swallow it. Natalie loves him for trying. Jeremy starts reading passages of the bible, trying to figure out what Easter is all about, and can't understand where the cute little bunny rabbits fit in.

Dana is stressed because Gordon stood her up last night. They were supposed to have dinner, but Gordon said he had to work late and cancelled. She realizes that she's being incredible silly about the whole thing, and occassionally Gordon has to work late and it's a completely reasonable excuse, but she's still stressing. Natalie thinks her stress is due to the fact that she feels like she should really like Gordon, 'cause he's a great guy, but she doesn't 'cause she's secretly in love with Casey. Dana thinks Casey might be hooking up with Sally, the 2am producer amazon. Natalie said he wouldn't do that, because he knows how much it would hurt Dana. Dana stresses about calling Gordon, and then calls him, and he says he'll come over for the show and they can have dinner afterwards. She's excited and comforted.

Sally stops by Dan and Casey's office, and off-handedly mentions to Casey that she's sorry she can't find that "thing," but it might have gotten mixed up in someone else's laundry. When she leaves, Dan pounces on Casey, realizing that it was Sally that he slept with. Dan, who hates Sally, is no longer as proud of Casey as he was before he found who it was that Casey had slept with. Dan says Casey absolutely can't let Dana know. Casey says he has no intention of letting Dana know.

Gordon comes by. Dana is excited to see him. Dana leaves Gordon and Casey alone in the control room together. Casey asks Gordon if he knows Sally, the 2am producer. Gordon says he's met her around a couple times, why? Casey starts to walk away, then comes back and threatens Gordon, saying that it's all fun and games when everyone jokes about how Casey is in love with Dana, but that no matter what people joke about, Dana has been a close friend for many many years, and Casey doesn't want to see her get hurt. Gordon doesn't know why Casey is all of a sudden being so antagonistic and threatening. Casey tells Gordon that Gordon is wearing Casey's shirt. Gordon says he was wondering why it felt so tight.

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