Summary of Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

Written by TK

Dan is distracted because he is obsessed with a woman, Rebecca, who works in the same building. He begs Casey to plead his case with Rebecca, who has already turned Dan down a number of times, and Casey refuses. Dan is so distracted that he screws up on air and describes a park as covered with cheese instead of trees. Dan badgers Jeremy until Jeremy agrees to go up to Rebecca's office and plead Dan's case. Jeremy makes an attempt, and Rebecca shoots him down saying she was married to a sportscaster once, and she's not interested in dating anymore. Jeremy reports back to Dan, and Dan remembers that he's met Rebecca before through her ex-husband. He goes to Rebecca and tells her that he's nothing like her jerk ex-husband, and charms her until she agrees to go to dinner with him.

Dana is excited because Gordon has asked her to go snorkeling for the weekend off the coast of some far-away island in two weeks. She was concerned because she was afraid that he was going to dump her, but she sees this as a good sign. The only problem is that she's afraid of fish. She stresses to Natalie and Isaac about her fear of fish, and loses it in the middle of a meeting, but she feels that she needs to get over her fear because it's important that she go snorkeling with Gordon to save their relationship. Gordon calls her, and cancels the snorkeling trip. Natalie takes the opportunity to tell Casey that he should go to Dana and be a man (she's still trying to set them up). Casey goes to Dana, and finds out that Gordon didn't really cancel, he just switched the trip to skiing.

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