Summary of Rebecca

Written by TK

They're doing the show. During a commercial break, Dan tells Casey about the girl who works in the building that Natalie introduced him to who he sees in the elevator. Casey is confused. Dana is a bit persnickety and Natalie says it's because Dana is worried about Gordon dumping her and that she has a secret crush on Casey. Jeremy is a weather nerd. Isaac wants all senior staff in the conference room after the show and won't say why.

The show ends. Dana tells all senior staff to meet in the conference room. Dan clearly explains to Casey how he was riding in the elevator with Natalie and this girl named Rebecca. Rebecca seemed nice, and later Natalie tells Dan that Rebecca liked him and he should call her. Dan says he will, but then he starts dating this other girl, Elaine.

Dana confides in Natalie that she thinks Gordon is going to break up with her. Natalie tells Dana to talk to Casey, not only because Casey's good at these things, but because Dana is secretly in love with Casey. Dana denies that she's secretly in love with Casey. Natalie tells Dana to talk to Casey.

The staff gathers for the meeting. Isaac walks in and tells them that there will be an article in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow, and they shouldn't worry about it. When pressed for details, he simply says not to worry about it.

The next morning the staff hovers outside of Isaac's office. He's in a meeting with J.J. They're going over the Wall Street Journal article, which talks about tension between Isaac and Luther Sax, the head of CSC, and how Luther was seen at lunch with someone that he might be considering for Isaac's job. The staff, outside Isaac's door, think that the quote in the article came from Luther himself, even though J.J. denies it. The staff try to get in on the meeting, but Isaac assures them again not to worry and to butt out.

Dana doesn't think Casey will want to council her on how not to get dumped by Gordon. Natalie says he doesn't want to, but he will, because Casey is secretly in love with Dana. Dana says he's not, although he might think he is. But it doesn't matter, because Dana's in love with Gordon. Natalie says yes, but Dana is secretly in love with Casey. Dana is fed up.

Dan finds Rebecca and tells her how he was going to call her, but then he went out on this date with Elaine, and he's really sorry, and he just wanted to tell her in person. Rebecca doesn't even remember who he is. He introduces himself. She vaguely remembers meeting him in the elevator. He apologizes for not calling. She says she wasn't expecting him to call. He realizes Natalie lied and says goodbye to Rebecca.

Dana goes to talk to Casey, but chickens out.

Dan comes in and tells Casey the story of how Rebecca barely even remembered him. Dan can't believe that he made no impression on Rebecca, and that she didn't even seem the slightest bit interested just now. Dan decides to go back and talk to Rebecca again. Casey works on editing a tape of a car race.

Isaac is still pissed, and is taking it out on J.J. J.J. says he's on Isaac's side and can be a good go-between for Isaac and Luther. Isaac says he doesn't need a go-between. Creating a division between the show and network is bad for the show, bad for the network, and bad for Luther. J.J. asks if he can bring his fiance to watch the show tonight. Isaac says it's fine, but ask Dana.

Dan finds Rebecca again. He tries desperately to be charming, and even falls back on the fact that he's a TV personality, but she doesn't watch Sports Night and remains uncharmed. He finally gives up and just asks her out for a drink. She says no thanks.

Dana comes in and makes awkward small talk with Casey. Casey finally asks her what's wrong. She admits she's afraid that Gordon will dump her. He asks her what she's got. She says she wants to tell Gordon not to dump her. They agree that's not the best way to go about things. Dana expresses her passion for her work and her concern that it takes up too much of her time, but she doesn't want to give it up. Casey tells her to tell that to Gordon. Her work is a large part of who she is and Gordon should appreciate that about her. Dana is comforted. Casey tells her she shouldn't need Natalie to push her in here every time she wants to talk to him. Dana insists that Natalie didn't push her.

The show is starting. J.J. is explaining stuff to his fiance. Isaac comes over, is charming, and has Natalie take J.J. fiance to meet Dan and Casey. Isaac reminds J.J. how he said that creating a division between the show and network is bad for the show, bad for the network, and bad for Luther. J.J. remembers. Isaac says he asked himself who it would be good for. Isaac tells J.J. that if he finds out that the quote in the Journal came from J.J., he's going to own J.J.'s ass. J.J.'s fiance returns and Isaac is charming again.

The show is starting. Jeremy is a weather nerd. Dana tells Natalie that she spoke to Casey and feels a bit better. Dan admits to Casey that he really likes Rebecca.

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