Summary of Small Town

Written by TK

Gordon, Dana's boyfriend, has set Casey up on a blind date with a lawyer from his office. Dana and Casey both have Thursday night off and are supposed to be going out on a double date with Gordon and the blind-date lawyer woman. They are both trying desperately to find some excuse to have to work so that they don't have to go. Casey is terrified of going out on a date, and Dana thinks going on a double date with Casey is a terrible idea.

It's Thursday night. Natalie seems to have everything under control at the show, except that Dan is concerned about the substitute anchor she has chosen, Bobbi Bernstein. It seems that Bobbi is a great anchor, but thinks that Dan slept with her many years ago and never called. Dan swears he never slept with her. Natalie gets a scoop that there might be a last minute trade.

Casey and Dana are out to dinner with Gordon and Leesa (the blind date unfortunately shares the same of Casey's ex-wife (Lisa) except that she pronounces it differently). Casey is blathering nonsense and Dana is so nervous about the show that she can't relax and have a good time. She has the bar of their restaurant put on CSC. She starts to throw back vodka martinis.

Dana is drunk and becoming belligerent, and Casey isn't much better. Leesa tries to break them up from bickering at the table and they just lash out at her.

Natalie gets more reports about the last minute trade, but can't confirm them. She has Dan report on the show that they have heard unconfirmed reports. Lots of people (Isaac and Jeremy included) second guess her in the control room, but she keeps her cool. Meanwhile, Bobbie is ranting and raving at Dan about how he slept with her and never called.

Casey is trying to make up with Leesa, and Dana is trying to make up with Gordon, when they hear the news of unconfirmed reports. They freak out.

Natalie gets the reports confirmed. Dan reports that the news has been confirmed, and it's a Sports Night exclusive. Casey and Dana rejoice, as does everyone in the control room. Jeremy apologizes to Natalie. Casey tells Dana she looks pretty.

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