Summary of Smoky

Written by TK

Isaac sends a note to Dana telling her that he's like to see her in his office. The fact that he sent a note intead of sending someone or calling or coming himself freaks her out. He tells her that he wants to groom her for his position. He is scared because of the way he pissed off his boss right before Christmas, and thinks that he won't get fired right away, because that would make his boss look bad, but that his job is not as secure as it once was. Dana tells him she's not interested in his job and that he should keep it. He tells her he's grooming her and that's final and not to tell anyone. She promises not to tell anyone and then immediately walks out and tells Natalie. Natalie starts thinking about how she's going to redecorate Dana's office when she gets it.

The rumor travels. Sally, the producer of the 2am West Coast update, comes to Isaac's office to lobby for Dana's job. Kim and Elliot come into Isaac's office to fight over Natalie's job. Finally, Isaacs calls everyone into the conference room and tells them that he's not quitting and he's not getting fired and the rumors are getting ridiculous.

Dan decides it's time for Casey to start dating. However, when he finds Casey flirting with Sally, he freaks out and tells Casey how Sally is Satan and he should not be dating her. He fears Casey breaking out on his own and would rather guide him gently back into the dating scene. Casey is clueless, and asks if Dan thinks Dana... oops, SALLY, really likes him. He's not sure if they were flirting or not because he's not even sure he remembers what flirting is like. So he practices with Dana. Dana tells him to try to flirt with her. He starts by asking her name. She says not to flirt with her like she's a stranger in a bar, but to flirt with her like she's Dana, the person he's known for fifteen years. He's dumbfounded. Finally, she asks him to tell her why he likes her better than Sally. He says she's smoky. She doesn't know what that means, but she thinks it's a compliment. He goes on to barrage her with compliments, including sexy (and wonders if he went to far with that one, she says he didn't) and ends again with smoky. They have to get ready for the show. Natalie asks if they were flirting. Dana says Casey was just practicing.

One of the computers in the office is spouting incorrect numbers. It reports that someone won a high jump at over 200 feet, and a girl finish a marathon in two seconds. Natalie prevails upon Jeremy's geeky side to fix it. He insists that they should call technical support, but she's turned on by his computer-speak and tries to get him to at least explain the problem to her. He just doesn't understand that she's trying to have a strange form of phone sex that doesn't involve a phone or sex.

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