Summary of The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee

Written by TK

The show is covering the story of a black honors student at Tennessee Western in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is a star football player but is suspended from school because he protests the flying of the Confederate flag. Six other students decide to stop playing football as well. Luther Sachs, who owns the company that owns the station on which "Sports Night" airs, is an alum of Tennessee Western, and wants Isaac to have "Sports Night" do a story about the wonderful Southern history for which the Confederate flag stands. Isaac tells Dan to do the story, and Dan can't believe that Isaac doesn't want to do some sort of editorial piece on the situation in support of the student. Isaac at first says that he doesn't want to, and then admits to Dan that he thinks Luther Sachs is looking for a reason to fire him. Dan tells Isaac that Isaac would get the same support as, in fact more support than, the student down in Tennessee... if Isaac were first most of the crew would probably walk out with him. Isaac is comforted, but still not sure, and then at the last minute decides to do the editorial. He not only supports the student, but publicly tells Luther Sachs, who donates a lot of money to his alma mater, that he should call the the Chancellor of the school and insist that the students be allowed back in school. He gets a standing ovation from everyone on the show, and a phone call from Luther Sachs.

Dan reminds Casey that he doesn't know any of the names of the production crew on the show when he mentions that Jerome will be excited about all the hockey stories they're doing tonight. Casey didn't know that Jerome was the name of the guy running camera 2, and that he really likes hockey. After Casey appears on the "The View" and is complimented on the way that he dresses, he is visited by a wardrobe assistant named Monica who challenges him to remember her name. After he fails that first test, she asks him what color his tie is. He says grey, and she lets him know that it's gunmetal. She asks him which of the two shirts she's holding would look best with that tie. He's speechless. She says that it's okay that he doesn't know these things, because he's not supposed to, but she tells him that Maureen, who is the head of wardrobe, was hurt by the fact that he took credit for dressing himself on the show, when just a quick mention of her would have made her so happy. Dan and Casey decide to end the next show by wishing a Merry Christmas to much of the production crew of "Sports Night" by name, including, of course, the wardrobe department.

The show is trying to pick The Play of the Year.

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