Summary of Shoe Money Tonight

Written by TK

Casey and Dan are planning a trip to Atlantic City and they're feeling lucky, but the anchors who are supposed to do the 2am West Coast update are stuck in Pittburgh in the snow and their trip has to be cancelled. Natalie and Jeremy are arguing about a botched date to the movies. Isaac finds out he's shrinking when he gets measured for a new suit.

The 2am producer, Sally, comes by and flirts. Everyone hates her. She's very hateable. Dan and Casey decide that to kill time they should play poker, but Dan is no longer in t"the zone". The invite Isaac and Dana. Dana knows poker. Dana spreads the news that Isaac is shrinking as Isaac threatens to fire her. Natalie is still upset because last night she and Jeremy had plans, on their one night they both had off, to go to the movies, and instead he played tennis with his friend Judy. Natalie's also angry because all their relationship is is work, sex, TV, sleep, and more work, and plus, Jeremy always has to be right. When Casey invites them to play poker, Natalie says she's going to wipe the floor with Jeremy.

Everyone's playing poker. Natalie is still talking a good game, but is losing everything she owns to Jeremy. Sally flits back in, and Dana takes her outside to go over the 2am show, and how Casey will want to do the rundowns. (This is when one first realizes that Sally is like eight feet tall.) Sally says Casey already approved the rundowns without looking at them, and manages to kiss Dana's ass and insult her at the same time. Then she says how she wouldn't mind sleeping with Casey for his contacts. Dana gets rid of her and goes back to poker where Natalie is still ragging on Jeremy and still losing. Dana is still making fun of Isaac for shrinking, and Isaac asks her if she's still working there. Dana drags Casey outside and asks him if he approved Sally's rundowns without looking at them. He doesn't understand what he did wrong. Jeremy goes to the bathroom and invites Dan to go with him so they can talk. He asks Dan's advice on how to get out of the dog-house with Natalie. Dan gives Jeremy terrible advice, and Jeremy can tell. Jeremy figures out for himself that he needs to stand firm. Dana thinks Casey has been taking her granted when she has been catering to his needs. She is insulted that he would approve Sally's rundowns just like her's without looking at them. Casey tries to make Dana feel better, but Dana sees right through him. Casey says maybe Dana is just jealous because Sally is so amazing looking. Dana tells him some of the horrible decisions that Sally has made for the 2am show, including two intros that have puns, and Casey realizes what he's approved. Casey begs for Dana's help, ans he goes to play cards. He' goes running looking for Sally. Dana walks back into a tense room. It's just Jeremy and Natalie in the game after Isaac folds. Jeremy tells Natalie exactly what she has in her hand, and exactly what he has in his, and tries to get her to fold instead of raise, but she won't. After she loses to him again, she apologizes, and he tries to be tough, but ends up giving into her and taking her home. Casey is depressed about the show and begs again for Dana's help. She finally agrees but also keeps playing poker.

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