Review of Intellectual Property

Written by Caroline

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Welcome back to "Under the Goal Post," I'm your host Caroline Walsh. (Sorry, I've wanted to say that since I started watching this show.) You might be wondering why I'm reviewing a re-run, that we've all dissected this episode enough. Well I just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

I thought it was very interesting that they decided to re-air this episode after "How are things...." . It helped to remind me how this "relationship" got started. Casey tries to cover his feelings for Dana, but of course he can't. He married a girl at the age 23 that he had known since he was 19. After 10 years of what we can only guess is hell, Casey is back in the dating pool (Thank GOD! - yes I love Casey - Sue me!). He's scared and he runs to someone he trusts - Dana. Her speech at the end sums it up well.

"Every time your life starts to spin out of control you come after me, and you make me feel like you feel a certain way when you really don't. You did in college, you did it in Dallas, you did it in L.A. and you're doing it now."

To lighten up this drama, Sorkin introduces a fly to bug Casey. This adds to the sense that Casey's out of control because no one else sees it (until the end, when Dana gets "buzzed"). A sign of things to come? Yes - Casey was telling the truth, Dana can trust him. (By the way - I wonder what the pay scale is for the fly?)

Dan, Yeardley Smith (business affairs), and "Happy Birthday" helped to keep the show from "drowning" in drama.

Intellectual Property scores a touchdown but they miss the extra point again. Natalie just seemed a little too pushy.

Caroline signing off from "Under the Goal Post."

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