Review of What Kind of Day Has it Been

Written by Caroline

Under the Goal Post: reviews of "Sports Night"

Before I even start: Boy didn't Robert Guillaume look good? (I was crying when I heard his voice) talk about a 9th inning rally!

I want to give awards to the following four areas:

1) Finally has a "back bone" award winner: Dana Whitaker

It was great to see her give Gordon what for. She's been keeping everything inside and finally lets the weasel have it. I loved how she kept control for so long while she and Gordon were walking though the newsroom. Good show Dana!

2) Cutest kid a dad could be proud of award winner: Charlie McCall

He is very cute. I hope next season they decide to do more with Charlie and Casey. A few things bothered me here. A) In the pilot, Charlie is seven. All of a sudden he's now 9. Did two years fly in just 23 episodes? B) Are you wondering why Debra had to leave? I sure am.

3) "Third time is a charm" award winner: (kind of a tie) Dana and Casey

It took Dana three tries to get the camera to work right. (Believe me, it's not easy) I'm also giving the award to Casey - depending on where the writers decide to go -- for finally getting to Dana. In "Intellectual Property", Dana say Casey had a thing for her in Dallas and LA. Finally he got it right in New York. (OK - she also said college, but I'm not counting it)

4) "Come back of the season" award winner: Isaac Jaffee

Boy did it make a difference that Isaac was around. He's able to keep everyone together. When he's not there, everything falls apart. What a "9th inning Rally."

Other side notes: Nice quote from Dan: "Don't be impatient now, cause a second and a half is longer than you think"

Interesting montage at the end.

Final scoring drive of the season earns the Sports Night crew a touch down! Nice work everyone -- see you next season.

Signing off from Under the Goal Post this is Caroline, back to our Sports Night Studios.

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