Review of Ten Wickets

Written by Caroline

Under the Goal Post: reviews of "Sports Night"

OK I'm totally confused. Dana is going to marry Gordon??? Did I hear that right?

Let's step back - Casey has a grudge against Dana. I can support that. Not just because he's my favorite character, but he's got a point. She dumped the show to go with a two timing joke of an idiot. Too bad she doesn't know the truth. They finally clear the air and then she dumps that on him? Dana wins.

Ouch - Danny gets "sucker punched." I had a feeling that she was going to do that. She falls back into Steve's charms. Dan handled it better than what I thought. It is going to be interesting to see if he ventures out off the 37th floor. Come here Dan - I've got a shoulder to cry on.

The good thing of the night, Jeremy finds his way though the fog. Natalie is waiting for him. I knew this was going to come about. Natalie has proven to Jeremy her level of commitment.

Back to Casey and Dana: I wonder what "plan" Casey will come up with. E-mail me with your ideas at and we'll post them next week while we deal with a rerun.

I can't rate this week's episode: I'm just too stunned. That's all from the Goal Post.

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