Review of Ordnance Tactics

Written by Caroline

Under the Goal Post: reviews of "Sports Night"

What I liked most about this past episode was that it showed everyone vunerable. Dan and Casey were frightened by the bomb scare. Dana is afraid that J.J.'s going to take over with Isaac gone. Jeremy's afraid of losing control of his life. Dan's afraid of losing Rebecca.

Why is Casey still with Sally? Here's my take - there are two parts. One - he's trying to keep Sally away from Gordon to protect Dana. Two - It's clear that Dana has chosen Gordon (bad choice) and he doesn't want to be alone.

I know people are going to kill me for this but Sally and Casey as a couple are growing on me -- What am I saying? This has the ear marks for disaster effecting not only Casey and Sally, but Dana and Dan too. Casey please hear me! Dump Sally now - Dana is worth it. Wait - Sally is a transition girlfriend, we don't have anything to worry about -- Right?

Jeremy and Natalie are off or on, depends on who you ask. This could help them from the awkward "cute" stage to a real solid relationship. Hang in there Natalie.

The score of the week: Dave the director. He came in with the two best lines. When Will and Chris are arguing over whether or not Seattle's on the tape, Dave snaps, "Hey. Betty, Wilma, is Seattle on the tape?" and when Will and Chris are arguing over loading an F/X, Dave turns to them and says, "I'll kill you both with my hands."

I fear some bad things to come for Dan and Rebecca, Dana and Gordon, and Sally and Casey. (God I hope!)

To score tonight's episode: touchdown and made extra point just for Dave, Chris and Will.

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