Review of Eli's Coming

Written by Caroline

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I've got to admit it took watching my tape two or three times to get the gist of this episode (thank God for my VCR). We can break it down into four areas:

Area #1 Dana/Casey: Man, Casey can't let anything go where Dana's concerned. In the premiere episode, Dana scolds Casey for screwing up "my show." How many times has Dana proclaimed that she loves "Sports Night?" And she hands the show over to Sally when given an ultimatum from Gordon - what is Casey supposed to think? Casey holds the one trump card - Gordon and Sally. To play it and get Dana back, he's got to admit to his involvement with Sally.

Dana and Casey are playing mind games and damn is it confusing.

Area #2 Dan and Bobbi: Dan is too cute and charming for his own good. Bobbi's back and that spells trouble. She still says Dan slept with her and never called and this time she brought proof: Dan and herself in a picture. (Side bar: You wonder what she looked like in the picture. The "babe" comment almost makes it understandable that Dan would have forgotten.) Dan's caught! He makes a comeback by apologizing when Bobbi least expects it. (Side bar #2: Dan does a lot of apologizing in this show – at this pace we could get an apology a week.) Classy ending for Dan: a future relationship? Who can say.

Area #3 Dan and Rebecca: Hate to say it, but I saw problems here from the first. It all looked too perfect. Steve Sisco and Rebecca are only separated? That's not something you withhold. All I can say is poor Dan.

Area #4 Issac: I think it was interesting that Casey had to deliver the news to Dana and Dan. His caring side is about to resurface.

Great episode: TOUCHDOWN!!! And the extra point is GOOD!

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