Review of The Sword of Orion

Written by Caroline

Under the Goal Post: reviews of "Sports Night"

Life "Under the Goal Post" isn't any fun between Wednesday and Tuesday of the next week. How I wish Sports Night was on every day! OK that's too much to ask for, so here's my take on this week's episode. (Jim Romme eat your heart out!)

Jeremy returns from his parents' home after a few days. Natalie notices that he's extremely preoccupied by something and doesn't want to talk about it. Instead he fixates on a yachting tragedy that happened 10 years ago. He approaches Dana about doing a feature on the accident. He wants to figure out what went wrong. Dana is hesitant, but Casey believes it's a good idea. (Side note: Casey knows what's going on with Jeremy, that he needs to do this "feature.")

Meanwhile Dan wants to share his world with Rebecca by watching a baseball game. She doesn't seem interested, and he pushes. He's making friends on her floor, entering her world at CSC. He just can't understand why she won't do the same. He lays back, and she comes clean. Her ex didn't want to share sports with Rebecca. So for two years their lives were separate. Rebecca was used to that. Then Dan comes along and welcomes her into his sports world. Slowly she'll enter.

Jeremy finally reveals to Natalie that his father (the man he "worshipped") had a 27 year affair. His father told his mother to end the marriage. So basically Jeremy's world needs to be rebuilt. Finding out why the "Sword of Orion" (the ship) sank was an outlet for him to deal with the problems at home.

At the end, we see Casey to the rescue, sort of. He tries to help Jeremy understand what divorce is for parents.

A good episode - Casey is a stable friend, Dan is getting closer to Rebecca, Jeremy shows a vulnerable side.

I liked last night's episode, but it's not on the par of "the Apology". I guess it just seemed a little too predictable. Jeremy is a bit of a neurotic personality, so you knew he was going to hook on to something to deal with a problem. I remember how he handled the problem that Natalie had with Chris Patrick - no sleep. Rebecca and Dan did surprise me a bit. I didn't expect the invitation by Rebecca. It was cute, maybe a little too cute. I'm interested with Casey's roll - support system. He's helped Dana with Gordon (mistake in my mind) and now he's helping Jeremy to deal with his parent's divorce.

Another side note: I see trouble on the horizon for Dan and Rebecca. Not just because she's a temporary character, but because she may think Dan's a little too similar to her ex. That's not a path I think Rebecca wants to travel again. Just my 2 cents.

Rating: while it was a good episode (any new episode is good) I've got to give it a field goal. It just seemed too predictable.

See you next time for "Eli's Coming."

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