Review of How Are Things in Glocca Morra?

Written by Caroline

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Here's what we know so far: Casey spent the night with Sally. Uncomfortable for some reason, he leaves before his shirt is clean from spilling wine on it. A week later, Dan finds out about Casey and Sally. He warns Casey that Dana shouldn't find out. Just before show time, Casey finds his shirt on Gordon. Gordon has slept with Sally also. To protect Dana (and himself) Casey keeps quiet.

The next week, a tennis match runs over and postpones the start of the Show. Dana is supposed to meet friends of Gordon's after the show. So Dana's got to choose between Gordon (who she thinks she loves) and the show (which we know she loves). The Casey / Sally / Gordon problem continues to bother Casey to point that he tells Dan everything. Dan asks Casey why Dana is still with him, and Casey says that she doesn't know. To tell Dana about Gordon means that he'll have to tell her about himself and Sally, crushing Dana more. At 1 a.m., Dana makes her choice, suprising Casey. She hands the show to Sally and leaves with Gordon.

In my humble opinion, Dana has no spine. She's been such a confident person to this point and to turn around and cave to Gordon makes no sense. As Casey said in "Dana and the Deep Blue Sea" "Dana's afraid to wait for what she deserves." Dana has become one of those women you want to smack upside the head to wake them up. Someone please e-mail her a clue!

The big loser of the night is Casey. He tries to protect Dana by not telling her, but gets hurt for his trouble. The last two episodes have proven at least one thing. Casey does love Dana. No matter how much he says otherwise, he loves her and it's killing him.

To end: Jeremy is a great storyteller. The two episode where he "narrates" for us have been strong solid stories. Natalie is a good support for Dana. She just needs to listen. (On a side note, for all of you who are wondering, this is one of the episodes in which Robert Guillaume is recovering from a minor stroke. Isaac will be out of sight for a while. I hope he's feeling better soon.)

To end each review I'm going to give it a rating. Since I live near one of the greatest college football teams ever (Notre Dame) , I use the football points system: Touchdown for a great episode (ex: the Apology) field goal for a decent episode (ex: Sally or Small Town) and a safety for a bad episode (nothing yet).

"How Are Things in Glocca Morra" scores a touchdown, but missed the extra point wide right. Dana's decline didn't help.

This is Caroline from "Under the Goal Post" reporting.

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