Quotes from Thespis

"He hasn't rehearsed the route." -Isaac
"Who?" -Dana
"Douglas, my son-in-law. How can he find the hospital if he hasn't rehearsed the route?" -Isaac
"Isn't Douglas a radar officer in the Navy?" -Dana
"Yes, and if we were scrambling F-16s, I'd trust him to find the flight deck of the USS Coral Sea, but we're having a baby, and he can't find Berkeley General unless you rehearse the route. You think that's crazy?" -Isaac
"No crazier than thawing out a turkey on the light grid." -Elliot

"We've had our share of technical problems tonight as well as paranormal interference, but we think once we get done with the top half hour we should be out of the mythological penalty box if you will." -Dana

"There's a God of thieving?" -Natalie
"There's a God of gymnastics?" -Casey

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