Quotes from Mary Pat Shelby

"I'm thinking seriously about doing it." -Dan
"I wouldn't." -Kim
"I'm thinking seriously about it. What do you think?" -Dan
"I wouldn't." -Elliot
"No." -Chris
"It's not good on you." -Dave
"I wouldn't do it." -Will
"I want this now. This is important to me. I'm an adult and I want to grow a goatee." -Dan

"A lot of very distinguished men have worn goatees." -Dan
"I'll give you a hundred dollars if you don't start naming them for me." -Casey
"King Tut." -Dan
"Thank you." -Casey

"No questions about Mary Pat Shelby." -Dana
"Really?" -Casey
"We're just gonna talk about football." -Dana
"What about something like this, 'Chris, what were you thinking when you punched your girlfriend in the face and threw her down that flight of stairs? I'm sorry, I meant, how in the heck did you catch that pass against the Raiders?'" -Casey

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