Quotes from Napoleon's Battle Plan

"We're two grown men with important jobs who are standing in their underwear. Let's sing a song." -Dan

"You think there are people in the building across the street looking at us in our underwear?" -Dan
"Yes I do." -Casey

"What's the hold-up?" -Dana
"Something happened to their pants." -Natalie
"Both their pants?" -Dana
"Yes." -Natalie
"Was there an industrial accident?" -Dana

"Do you think there are people in that building over there looking in at us in our underwear?" -Dan
(pause) "Yes, I do." -Casey

"I, for one, would feel more comfortable if everyone took their pants off." -Dan
"He's right." -Casey
"We're a team." -Dan

"Technically, I have a plan." -Casey
"What's the plan?" -Dan
"It's Napolean's plan." -Casey
"Who's Napolean?" -Dan
"A 19th century French emporer." -Casey
"You crackin' wise with me now?" -Dan
"He is." -Casey
"Thanks." -Dan
"He had a two-part plan." -Casey
"What was it?" -Dan
"First we show up, then we see what happens." -Casey

"Casey, who's been calling your calves shapely?" -Dan
"My mom." -Casey
"Okay, don't talk to me for the rest of the show." -Dan

"We're right here in a mid-town Manhattan, and we don't know where YOU are, but we know you're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around." -Dan

"What's on your mind? You've been strange all through lunch." -Gordon
"Gordon, I've been strange my entire life." -Dana

"Can I tell you about some of our dessert specials?" -waiter
"No, thank you." -Dana
"No thanks." -Gordon
"The chef has made a pecan pie...." -waiter
"Thanks anyway." -Dana
"One plate with two forks...." -waiter
"Seriously, I'll kill you." -Dana

"Did you sleep with my fiance and then sleep with my anchor?" -Dana

"Dana, listen to me. You're not mad that I slept with Gordon. You don't care that I slept with Gordon. You're mad that I slept with Casey." -Sally

"Casey doesn't like me that much." -Sally

"You are a sleazy, slimy, adolescent, oversexed, overpaid blow-hole!" -Dana

"Why don't the guys have their pants again?" -Dana
"Because someone forgot to share." -Natalie

"Did you know about any of this?" -Natalie
"Any of what?" -Jeremy
"Gordon and Casey and Sally." -Natalie
"I don't even know about it now." -Jeremy
"But you know about sharing?" -Natalie
"Yes." -Jeremy
"And you know about punishment." -Natalie
"Yes." -Jeremy
"Good." -Natalie

"Guys, you're gonna have to do the first two blocks without your pants. Casey, you should be right at home." -Dana

"Look, it's your plan." -Dan
"You showed up. Now, we see what happens." -Casey

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