Quotes from Ten Wickets

"There are three things that I'm doing. I'm losing things, I'm forgetting things... and there's the third one." -Dana

"Everybody: this is your nightly two-minute confirmation that I'm still Jeremy's girlfriend." -Natalie

"We've got double plays in the west, and triple threats in the south." -Dan
"We've got the Phoenix Suns in the morning, we've got Warren Moon at night. We got rhythm, music, the works! All that, coming up after this. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around." -Casey

"Whatever this guy did, it was huge." -Jeremy
"What'd he do?" -Natalie
"He took all ten wickets in an inning." -Jeremy
"What does that mean?" -Natalie
"I don't know." -Jeremy

"There are countries other than ours." -Jeremy
"Yes, there is, for instance, Belgium, to name the one." -Dana

"Jeremy was on the phone with a man, who was in Trinidad at the time, who told him of a cricket player, in New Delhi, named Chauncy St. John, who got all ten wickets in one inning. Thought I was gonna blow it, didn't you?" -Dana
"Yes, I did." -Jeremy

"Hey. Hey! Ask me my name." -Dan
"What's your name." -Casey
"Mr. Happy-Guy." -Dan

"I'm Mr. Happy-Guy." -Dan
"Yeah, we met back there." -Casey

"Dana, this is a fully grown man of enormous dignity and accomplishment. He's covered wars and he's dined with kings and he can't move the left side of his body and he doesn't want us to see him like that." -Natalie

"I know I don't like Casey being mad at me." -Dana
"I know." -Natalie
"He's never gonna stop being mad at me." -Dana
"Yes he is." -Natalie
"Here's the thing." -Dana
"What?" -Natalie
"He's got a point." -Dana

"What's that?" -Natalie
"It's an abacus." -Dan
"Excellent." -Natalie
"An antique abacus." -Dan
"Probably the only kind there are." -Jeremy

"What am I, crazy?" -Dan
"No." -Natalie
"Am I Mr. Crazy-Guy?" -Dan
"No." -Natalie
"I am." -Dan
"You're not." -Natalie
"I'm crazy." -Dan

"What are you afraid of?" -Casey
"Offending people." -Dana
"Who? Our legions of viewers who take Jerry Falwell seriously? Charo's got a bigger fan base." -Casey
"Casey!" -Dana
"No, I know I'm alone on this. I know the vast majority of people consider Jerry Falwell a spiritual pillar of great and gentle wisdom. I know that most people consider him a scholarly and tolerant man who would never judge others harshly just because they were different. I know that most people find his calm leadership to be a gentle soothing beacon at a time of great social chaos. His guidance, for instance, on the great purple Teletubby matter was fraught with the kind of theological sophistication that only Jerry Falwell and a cafeteria full of sixth graders could devise. I know, I'm going way out on a limb, but I think Jerry Falwell's a fat-ass. Who did I just offend? I'm eager to talk to them." -Casey

"What were you gonna say?" -Jeremy
"I think I should tell Dan first, don't you?" -Rebecca
"Yeah." -Jeremy

"Uh oh." -Dan
"Yeah." -Rebecca
"Going back to Steve." -Dan
"He's my husband. I want you to know..." -Rebecca
"It's okay." -Dan
"No, I have to tell you that you... you just..." -Rebecca
"Don't worry about it. We'll see eachother around the building. (pause) I gotta go." -Dan
"Danny... I'm... thank you." -Rebecca
"Hey, really. It was my pleasure." -Dan
"Steve's waiting downstairs." -Rebecca
"Tell him hi." -Dan
"See, people really seemed to think the Giants were gonna go all the way this year." -Rebecca
"They're wrong." -Dan

"Gordon's gonna ask me to marry him." -Dana
"I'm sorry?" -Casey
"He's in Washington, and he told me on the phone that when he gets back he's gonna ask me to marry him. Y'know, he wants to do it... make it a big deal." -Dana
"What are you gonna say?" -Casey
"I'm gonna... What are you? Kidding? I'm gonna say yes!" -Dana

"I'm on my feet. Bobbin' and weavin'. Breakin' tackles. Nothin' but open field." -Dan
"How you doin'?" -Natalie
"Well, I've had a little wine. Somebody wants to make book on whether or not I'll be having a little more, I would not bet against me." -Dan

"You are my sworn enemy!" -Dan
"Dan." -Jeremy
"I love you man, give me a hug. I love you too, Casey. You're like my, y'know, much, much older brother." -Dan
"Dan." -Casey
"Bobbin' and weavin'!" -Dan
"Gordon asked Dana to marry him." -Casey
"Wow." -Dan
"Yeah." -Casey
"No, seriously, Casey." -Dan
"I know." -Casey
"Listen, think about this. Halfway around the world, a lone man has accomplished an extraordinary athletic feat." -Jeremy
"What?" -Dan
"I don't know." -Jeremy

"Ahhh, somehow..." -Casey
"Somehow what?" -Dan
"Somehow, in time, I'm gonna figure out a way to blame this on Jerry Falwell." -Casey

"The thing is Casey..." -Natalie
"What?" -Casey
"With you, I didn't hear it." -Natalie
"Hear what?" -Casey
"Did you hear it, Dan?" -Natalie
"I didn't hear it. Did you hear it, Jeremy?" -Dan
"I didn't hear it." -Jeremy
"Nobody's heard it. Nobody's heard the bell ring." -Natalie
"Yeah." -Casey
"Yeah." -Natalie
"I'm gonna need a plan." -Casey

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