Quotes from The Sword of Orion

"Did Orlando Rojas pitch this afternoon?" -Dan
"I do not know." -Casey
"You don't know?" -Dan
"I do not." -Casey
"Natalie, did Orlando Rojas pitch this afternoon?" -Dan
"That's a good question." -Natalie
"Thanks you very much. Did he pitch this afternoon?" -Dan
"I do not know." -Natalie
"Thank God none of us work in sports." -Dan

"Maybe he's just busy." -Dan
"Yeah." -Natalie
"Maybe he met another woman and he forgot all about you." -Casey
"Maybe I'll jam a number 2 pencil up your nose." -Natalie
"Maybe he's just busy." -Casey

"How's his fastball?" -Dan
"Should be crossing the plate any minute now." -Elliot

"You know what pumps me up?" -Dan
"I like grape jelly." -Casey

"Have people ever tried to kill you?" -Rebecca
"Yeah, but I defend myself with my superior wit and guile." -Dan

"You like me right now, and you love sports, and I think when you see those two things in a room together at the same time, I'm going to look a little less like what you want." -Rebecca

"What makes you so sure I like you right now?" -Dan
"Well, you follow me everywhere I go and you ask me out all the time." -Rebecca

"I'm gonna tear it down, for I am Dan, doer of good things where women are concerned." -Dan

"It's the big box of Good and Plenty." -Natalie

"Will, you're sitting in Isaac's chair." -Dana
"I thought Isaac wasn't here." -Will
"You don't sit in Isaac's chair when Isaac isn't here." -Dana

"Ten years ago a sixty-eight foot merit class yacht called The Sword of Orion, which was favored to win, went massively and inexplicably off course and into the path of winds gusting up to ninety miles per hour with thirty foot seas. The tactician, who was the son of the boat's owner, was thrown overboard and drowned. The rest of the crew was saved four days later. I'd like to do a feature." -Jeremy

"How is it you've become buddies with everyone who works down here?" -Rebecca
"I have a way about me." -Dan
"For you are Dan." -Rebecca
"For I am." -Dan

"There's really nothing like seeing a guy realize he's not done yet. It usually goes the other way." -Dan

"I am so nice to them!" -Dana
"That's one way of looking at it." -Natalie
"What's another way?" -Dana
"That often times you express your displeasure with their work in ways that make them want to take their own lives." -Natalie

"The people in graphics are afraid of me?" -Dana
"Yeah." -Natalie
"Excellent." -Dana

"I am Dan." -Dan
"Yes you are." -Rebecca

"There's a lot of great stuff on Orion... the god and also the constellation. Most people see only the belt, which is formed by delta, epsilon and zeta — three second magnitude stars that are spaced equally in a straight line. Beneath the belt is a line of fainter stars, and of these stars theta isn't really a star at all. It's actually the brightest part of Orion nebula. So this great pink star in the sword of Orion turns out to be something... far more complicated and interesting. (pause) My father's been having an affair with a woman for twenty-seven years." -Jeremy

"It's worth it, I think, to figure out... exactly how this boat, that was supposed to win, ended up in this kind of disaster." -Jeremy

"Steve made it clear that he didn't want me in that world. It was very important to him, and I... he had a hard time mixing those thing." -Rebecca
"I had a hunch." -Dan
"I want to tell you that appreciate the extraordinary effort you went through today. I want you to know I appreciate it, and it's hard because... well..." -Rebecca
"The wall of pain. " -Dan
"Sure." -Rebecca
"With the bricks and the tears." -Dan
"And the third thing, yeah." -Rebecca
"I'm gonna tear down that wall, Rebecca, bit by little bit. May take weeks, could take months, but I'm gonna do it. I'm hunkering down for a long period of wall demolition, just bit by little bit. I expect the process to be excruciating but ultimately worth it." -Dan

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