Quotes from How Are Things in Glocca Morra?

"Dan was doing what he always does when it's two minutes to air. He was annoying Casey." -Jeremy

"Don't worry, my Pete is gonna take care of him." -Natalie
"Your Pete?" -Jeremy
"Pete Sampras has a little crush on me." -Natalie
"Really?" -Jeremy
"Yeah." -Natalie
"In Natalie world or..." -Jeremy
"In Natalie world." -Natalie
"Ahh." -Jeremy

"Casey." -Dan
"I'll tell you what the problem is here." -Casey
"No provolone cheese?" -Dan
"No provolone." -Casey
"You're saying you don't want to talk about it." -Dan
"I'm saying I'd like, just once, for there to be provolone." -Casey
"Is this one of those times when you say you don't want to talk about it, but you really do?" -Dan
"No, but it's shaping up to be one of those times when I say I don't want to talk about it but we end up talking about it anyway." -Casey

"This is big-time television. Guy puts out Swiss cheese, nothin' else." -Casey
"Here's the thing. I would do it right now, I would do it right this second, but I'm in a sort of a pre-show mode. It's a very delicate energy and can't be tampered with. All anyone here is thinking about is the broadcast." -Dan
"Guys, wanna play garbage-can basketball?" -Dana
"Dan's in pre-show mode." -Rebecca
"Ha ha ha ha, that's a good one." -Dana

"Well. We got ourselves a ball-game." -Dana

"I have plans tonight. I have plans tonight with people who aren't any of you." -Dana

"You know what's happening tonight? The world in which I'm confident is running right smack into the world in which I'm not." -Dana
"I understand." -Natalie
"Like when your parents come to school." -Dana

"While West Coast Update may be considered the ugly step-sister around here, Sally Sasser is considered anything but. And it hasn't escaped Dana's notice that Sally's looks haven't escaped Casey's." -Jeremy

"This is where I like to be, this is what I want to do, this is what I care about." -Dana

"Gordon." -Sally
"That's funny. My name is Gordon too." -Gordon

"Gordon had my shirt." -Casey
"What?" -Dan
"He was actually wearing it." -Casey
"What are you...." -Dan
"I'm saying he had my shirt." -Casey
"Start from the beginning." -Dan
"I'm talking about it." -Casey
"I know." -Dan
"You asked me to talk about it, I'm talking about it." -Casey
"Gordon had your shirt." -Dan
"Yes." -Casey
"The shirt you left at Sally's." -Dan
"Yes." -Casey
"Gordon's sleeping with Sally." -Dan
"Yes." -Casey
"You're sure." -Dan
"Yes." -Casey
"How are you sure?" -Dan
"He told me." -Casey
"He told you?" -Dan
"I figured it out. He had my shirt." -Casey
"And you've know about this for how long?" -Dan
"A week." -Casey
"And you're telling me when?" -Dan
"I'm telling you now." -Casey
"Why is Dana still with him?" -Dan
"She doesn't know." -Casey
"She doesn't know?" -Dan
"She doesn't know." -Casey
"Because you haven't told her." -Dan
"That's right." -Casey
"Because to tell her that Gordon slept with Sally, you'd have to tell her that you slept with Sally." -Dan

"I called Elaine. I told her that while she seems like a very nice woman, I've met someone else. I've met a woman named Rebecca, wonderful, sensational, dare I add sexy, Rebecca, and Rebecca is who I'm dating right now. That is what I told Elaine." -Dan
"Really?" -Rebecca
"No, but I left a message on her machine to call me." -Dan

"I need you to give me something. Or..." -Gordon
"Or what? Or what?" -Dana

"You know what? It's 1am. I'm dumping 'Sports Night.'" -Dana

"I understand what makes a woman think that any man is better than nothing. I'll just never understand what makes any woman think she's got nothing." -Jeremy

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